2022 Aries Dakota: Here’s why we’re excited

The Ram Dakota is back and HotCars couldn’t be more excited. Not only is this great truck returning to the market, but it is also undergoing some serious upgrades that will make it a top level competitor to cars like the Ford F-150 or any other Chevrolet truck.

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Details on the truck are still extremely limited, Ram keeping the finer details as quiet as possible to avoid giving competitors an undeserved advantage. But with bits and pieces of information floating around, a careful investigator can piece together some very interesting details about the Dakota. This is why many are excited about the return of the Dakota in 2022.

8/8 It is the first Dakota released since 2011

Through RAM

Dakotas were incredibly reliable trucks, but heavy duty machines like this saw a dip in sales after the market crash of 2008. Originally sold as the Dodge Ram Dakota, Dodge ended production in 2011.

2011 Dodge Dakota
Through Dodge

Now that Ram and Dodge have been split into two different nameplates by their parent company, Fiat-Chrysler, the company sees an ample opportunity to re-market this popular truck.

7/8 It is rumored to have between 240 and 285 horsepower

Through RAM
Through RAM

Details on the truck’s specs are still hard to come by, but what is known is that the car will likely have a straight-six engine and that means the truck’s horsepower will likely be somewhere between 240 and 285 lying down.

Best of 2021: Ram 1500 3.0-litre EcoDiesel V6 engine
Via: Flickr

This is the average horsepower rating for most Ram/Dodge trucks on the market today. It would also be fair to assume that the Dakota could make up to 300 horsepower under the right conditions, and this was back in 2011 when the truck was discontinued.

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6/8 It is suitable for both hybrid and diesel power

Ram Dakota, red
through Aries

Another reason to get excited is that the truck will also be more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient than previous Ram trucks, especially the 2011 model which was a bit of a gas guzzler and could only get 15 MPG around town. The new Ram Dakota is a testament to the eco-conscious times automakers are operating in today, as the car should be able to accommodate hybrid or diesel thanks to what the company calls “eVolt” technology.

Ram Dakota
Through RAM

Few trucks are fully electric yet, but this is a good start and something truck enthusiasts should pay attention to, especially with more manufacturers pledging to go carbon neutral.

5/8 It resembles the reliable Ram 1500

Aries 1500

Fans of the truck looking forward to its arrival have noticed a few things about the Dakota that give them reason to be even more excited. While the original Dakota was noticeably reliable, the new Dakota’s predecessor, the Ram 1500, is one of Ram’s most famously reliable trucks.

Via truck label

The two trucks bear a striking resemblance to each other, with the Dakota being a slightly more compact version with a smaller bed and cab.

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4/8 It will be reasonably priced

Ram Dakota
through Aries

Trucks can be expensive, especially if they have features such as hybrid capabilities, diesel engines, or other features that make for a well-functioning vehicle.

2022 RAM 700 pickup
Via: RAM

Fortunately, the Ram Dakota is on its way to becoming a very accessible and affordable car, meaning the working men and women who need it towing and towing can rest easy that it won’t break them at the bank . The Ram Dakota will likely cost between $30,000 and $40,000.

3/8 The interior and infotainment system have been completely redesigned

2022 Ram 1500 Laramie Sport Dashboard
Via: Ram Trucks

Cars have changed a lot since 2011 and the new Ram Dakota will reflect that. Digitized infotainment systems and widescreen central computers are now an important part of any good car, even those built for off-roading or heavy duty work and transport.

RAM 2021 Limited Longhorn Leather Logo
Via Fiat Chrysler

While details are still scarce, we know the truck will most likely have a 12-inch central computer screen and all standard infotainment options. It is also said to have a wider interior with more leg and headroom for the passenger.Related: These are the coolest Dodge Ram exterior color options

2/8 It will likely have more high-tech safety features

2022 Ram 1500 Laramie Sport
Via: Ram Trucks

Although nothing has been confirmed, one of the things that is now much more standard in all kinds of cars and trucks is the addition of digitized and electronic safety features such as collision warnings, lane departure correction and reversing cameras, to name a few.

2022 Ram 1500's interior
Via ramtrucks.com

What standard safety features the Ram Dakota will have is still unknown, but any consumer can safely assume that the truck will have safety features that were not accessible on the 2011 models.

1/8 It borrows features from its predecessor, the Ram 700

Through RAM

In addition to being very similar to the reliable 1500, the 2022 Ram Dakota would also have borrowed heavily from another predecessor, the Ram 700. It would make sense for the Dakota to have similar features to the 700, both trucks being attempts by the company to give truck owners different sizes (the 700 is Ram’s first “subcompact” truck).

red Ram Dakota parked on a dirt road.
Through RAM

No matter what the truck may or may not have, it’s an undeniable fact that the Ram Dakota is back in action and the market better be ready for it. Ford and Chevy Trucks may be getting their money’s worth for the first time in a long time.

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