2022 Escalade ESV Sport 4×4

Cshandrika and Kirk Bryan live in Ajax with their three children and own The Genesis Group, an all-in-one brokerage firm that was named one of the top independents in the country in 2020 by “Canadian Mortgage Professional” magazine.

While Kirk drives around in his second-hand Lamborghini and Range Rover Sport, Cshandrika drove a used 2015 Cadillac Escalade Premium Luxury Platinum that they had nothing but trouble with. “We spent a lot more than we thought we would to keep the car on the road,” Kirk . ​​said

The Bryans had never bought a new vehicle before. “We’ve never had the blessings or the courage to buy brand new because it takes a lot to make over a hundred thousand dollars for a car,” Kirk said. But after calculating the costs associated with maintaining a used vehicle—everything from repairs to car rentals for when it’s used—they decided that buying a new car made more sense.

For their eight-year wedding anniversary, Kirk decided to surprise Cshandrika – who also goes by Csandi – with a new car. While considering alternatives, including the Lincoln Navigator and the GMC Yukon or Denali, the pair found that those models didn’t include all the options and features that Cshandrika was used to with her Escalade.

Despite the current semiconductor shortage affecting vehicle production, they were able to purchase a 2022 Cadillac Escalade ESV Sport from Ontario Motor Sales in Oshawa. The Bryans tell us why they love their vehicle.

“Cshadi didn’t expect it, but it was something she deserved,” Kirk said. “She does so much for the family business and because she’s in charge of the family. Our kids are active in sports, cheer camp and everything else. We are always on the road for competitions, taking my son to daycare or helping friends who may need us to pick up or drop off their children. So she needed something reliable in winter or harsh elements.

“There is a huge difference between the two vehicles. We have the extended cab, so we finally have enough room to do a Costco run. The technology is phenomenal – it’s ‘MacGyver’ level. Like (in the TV show) ‘Knight Rider’ this vehicle talks to you and can drive itself. The screens are huge and the cameras have aerial, rear, front and side views, so if something comes your way, you can see it from every angle,” he said.

“It’s the mother wagon,” Cshandrika said. “The body shape is ‘great usable’ and it is higher, wider and as long as a pick-up truck. I named it FLOTUS because it exudes this presidential status.” Her former Escalade was nicknamed POTUS because of the presence it radiated.

2022 Cadillac Escalade

“I was spoiled with the previous Cadillac. In addition to the features, it was the comfort of luxury seats that you just sink into. Since I’m constantly behind the wheel everywhere, I want to be comfortable on the road instead of having a stiff neck or back.

“This was a really great surprise for our anniversary,” she said. “We were at our anniversary dinner and Kirk handed me a file. It thought I was getting a land deal and was very excited about it. When I opened it it said ‘Congratulations on your 2022 Cadillac Escalade ESV’. I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ After we left the restaurant and sat in this car, I screamed my head off.”

A CLOSER LOOK: 2022 Escalade ESV Sport 4×4

Display functions

“There are three different positions on the dashboard,” Cshandrika said. “You can put it on the driver’s meter, switch to the on-screen map view or the camera that lets you see the road in real time as if you were looking through a window. I think the camera function is really cool, especially if you’re using the navigation system. You don’t always have to look to the right of the vehicle, so your eyes are constantly on the road and the environment instead of always having to turn and look at something.”

Spacious room

“Space is my thing, and this definitely pays off,” she said. “The rear wheel well we had in 2015 is gone in the 2022 model, so there is more legroom. Another thing is the trunk space. I can fit a stroller, groceries, the uniforms, shoes and all the gear the girls need to cheer competitively. The kids no longer step on things in the middle of the car. Because it is wider, we can fit two booster seats and a regular car seat without compromising. The children are not crammed or squashed and are comfortable.”

The added details

“The car has so many functions. Because it’s big, there are blind spots, but the technology they’ve added to help you do that is amazing. I like how the camera turns on automatically. One time it was dark, and I was backing up, and someone ran after me. The car just stopped automatically,” said Cshandrika. “I’m telling you, it’s not a regret,” Kirk said. “You feel safe that your partner and your children are protected. And nothing is better than that new car smell.”

THE SPECIFICATIONS: 2022 Escalade ESV Sport 4×4

  • DRIVE: Four wheel drive
  • ENGINE: 6.2L V8, 420 hp; 460 lb-ft. couple
  • FUEL CONSUMPTION (CITY/HIGHWAY): 16.8/12.4 liters per 100 km
  • LOAD VOLUME: 3584.9 litres
  • PRICE: From $111,768
  • WEBSITE: cadillaccanada.ca

This article has been edited for space and clarity. Send an email to appear in Why I Love My Vehicle? via wheels@thestar.ca. Renée S. Suen is a Toronto lifestyle writer and photographer. Follow her on Twitter: @rssuen.

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