6 reasons to drive the 2022 Dodge Durango SUV

The Dodge brand’s roots come through strongly in the 2022 Durango SUV. With substantial visuals everywhere you look, a few sharp edges can turn this crossover into a tank. Power translates into capacity and performance when you’re behind the wheel of the Durango. If you need three rows of seats, a powerful engine to tow, and great style and looks, this Dodge SUV has what you need.

The 2022 Dodge Durango is full of testosterone

2022 Dodge Durango Mopar Treatments | cleverness

The presence, stance, build and power of the Durango SUV comes to the fore every time you see this impressive vehicle. According to Car and Driver, the Durango “exudes machismo,” reminding you that it comes from the same family that brings you the Challenger and Charger Hellcat muscle cars. While this Dodge isn’t made for ripping and roaring on the track, it has room for everyone and the power to pull a heavy load.

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