All new Jeep, Chrysler and Ram products will be electric from 2026

The big news from Stellantis’ (née Chrysler) big Dare Forward 2030 press conference yesterday wasn’t exactly the very first all-new all-electric Jeep model. Instead, it was an unspoken statistic that most people (myself included) overlooked, but which Daniel Murias of Motorpasión did. That is, every new offering from Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram will be available as a battery-electric model from 2026.

Now, as it was with Volvo in 2017, when they announced that every new model would be “electrified” from 2019, that’s not means that the company will only offer BEVs from that date. What it does mean, though, is that every new Jeep model (or Chrysler, or Dodge, or Ram truck) introduced after 2026 will be available with a plug — and that, from a company with a CEO who is arguably retarded. as Stellantis, seems like a very big step in the right direction (even they are “forced” into the space of the electric vehicle).

In addition to reducing tailpipe emissions, Stellantis’ Dare Forward plan promotes carbon neutral production and the creation of a circular, “cradle-to-cradle” business model. The plan calls for a 50% CO2 reduction by 2030 (compared to 2021 statistics), with a CO2 zero target of 2038. (!) “Dare Forward 2030 inspires us to become so much more than we have ever been, said Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares. “We are expanding our vision, breaking boundaries and embracing a new mindset, one that seeks to transform all facets of mobility for the betterment of our families, communities and the societies in which we operate.”

Other fun facts included the pledge to sell five million BEV units by 2030, “to reach 100% of the passenger car BEV sales mix in Europe and 50% passenger cars and light trucks in the United States.”

What’s good for Stellantis employees

Image courtesy of Stellantis.

So all positive, but I want to draw your attention to another quote from Tavares in the press release. It reads: “We are making Stellantis an extraordinary workplace and a magnet for those with the drive to improve customers’ lives, unleashing our full potential for the digital and electrified future.”

That line is particularly humorous, as it follows just a week after a report from Automotive News who claimed that Stellantis sent his employees emails with tips for finding new jobs elsewhere. (Emphasis mine.) “This is not a good way to motivate people to work hard for the company,” Christine Virassamy, a representative of the CFDT union, told Bloomberg in an interview. “We asked them to stop.”

“We want to be a great place to work,” seems to be the message. “But, like, not for you.”

I hope the Stellantis staff stays on, and I’ll be taking a serious look at the Chrysler Airflow, for example, when it goes into production and looks something like the concept they showed at CES in January. What about you? Any electric/electrified Mopar in your potential car future? Scroll down to the comments and let us know.

In the meantime, check out the official “key points” from the Dare Forward 2030 conference below and see if there’s anything that resonates with you, and with your vision of how Stellantis should and could build by 2030. Have fun!

Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 Plan

FOUNDATION Diversity, operational excellence, the home of iconic brands and a thoughtful product portfolio are Stellantis’ ‘unrivaled’ differentiators that drive the company.
  • Community of employees includes 170 nationalities in six regions
  • Reach 100% of the annual target of 5 billion cash merger synergies by the end of 2024
  • Maintain breakeven point on less than 50% of consolidated shipments
  • Global BEV sales of five million units by 2030, up to 100% of the BEV passenger car sales mix in Europe and 50% passenger cars and light trucks in the United States
  • Industry-leading with more than 75 BEVs, including the Jeep brand’s first 100% battery-electric SUV to be launched in early 2023, followed later in 2023 by the Ram ProMaster BEV and the Ram 1500 BEV pickup in 2024
  • US-specific product offensive of over 25 all-new BEVs
  • New car revenues from premium and luxury vehicle segments quadruple
TECH Stellantis’ ambition is to embrace groundbreaking ideas to provide innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility.
  • Confirm EV Day and Software Day commitments
  • Increase planned battery capacity by 140 gigawatt hours (GWh) to approximately 400 GWh
  • Expansion of hydrogen fuel cell technology to large vans by 2024; first US offering in 2025; expands further to heavy trucks
  • Pave the way for sustainable “Delivery as a Service” with Waymo
  • Announce Stellaantis Corporate Venture Fund with €300M Initial Funding for Advanced Technology Adoption
CONCERN Ethical responsibility is at the heart of Stellantis to ensure a sustainable future of mobility for our customers, our employees and our planet.
  • 50% CO2 reduction by 2030, compared to 2021 statistics, towards carbon neutrality by 2038
  • Circular economy cradle-to-cradle business unit
  • Aim for top positions for customer satisfaction on products and services
  • Women to hold at least 35% of leadership roles
  • Double the number of leaders with profit and loss responsibility
  • Rollout of Software and Data and Electric academies to support transformation
WHERE THE Stellantis’ ambition is to be ‘unrivaled’ in creating value for all stakeholders while unleashing an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Reach a third of global sales online by 2030; launch a global digital marketplace that provides customers with a seamless journey across the entire Stellantis galaxy of products and services
  • More autonomy for seven growing companies: mobility, financial services, used cars, aftermarket, data as-a-service, circular economy, commercial vehicles
  • Commercial vehicle leadership with 26 new launches and electric offerings across all segments, including the new Ram 1500 BEV
  • More than 25% of global net income comes from regions outside Greater Europe and North America
  • China: Plan for a low-asset business model to reduce fixed costs and limit exposure to geopolitical risk, with net revenues of €20 billion
FINANCIAL Stellantis will manage the transition period to electrification while delivering double-digit Adjusted Operating Income (AOI) margins and maximizing shareholder value.
  • Net revenues double to €300 billion by 2030, while maintaining double-digit AOI margin throughout the plan period
  • Generate more than €20 billion in industrial free cash flows by 2030
  • Aim for a dividend payout ratio of 25-30% through 2025 and the repurchase of up to 5% of the outstanding common shares

Sources | Pictures: Motorpasion, Motor1, Reuters, Stellantis.


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