Are Full-Size SUVs Going Extinct? Not these 6 with new technology for 2023

It’s hard for many of us to justify a large SUV. They are big, heavy, beastly things that pull so much weight and have so many capabilities that you need a commercial driver’s license to reach their potential. But they are as popular as ever and with new innovations, manufacturers are ensuring that their dinosaur-sized SUVs do not go extinct. What new technologies will the best-selling large SUVs get?

What is a large SUV?

2022 Chevrolet Suburban| Chevy

There are only a few large SUVs on the market right now and they are all based on large trucks. Each of these SUVs comfortably seats seven or eight passengers, has a powerful engine, be it a turbocharged V6 or a honking V8, and can carry more than a week’s worth of luggage in the back. Sure, they drink a lot of gas, but even that is changing as manufacturers add new features.

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