As the era of the V8 engine ends, let’s take a look at the worst ever made

When we think of American production V8s, we think of engines like the Chevrolet small block, Chrysler Hemi, and Ford 302. With the rise of overhead V8s after the war, there were too many successful examples to even list. But among those great V8s were some duds. Some real duds. And in many ways it is astonishing that these engines have survived the development phase.

First generation Chrysler Hemi | Stellantis

From their early days in the late 1940s, through the horse racing of the 1960s, and then faced with the gas shortages and emissions restrictions of the 1970s and 1980s, engines are developed to meet a need. New materials, manufacturing practices, and things like fuel injection and computer control have changed engine technology. But in the efforts to conquer these new frontiers, the lack of time, technology or testing has resulted in the boat anchors below.

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