At $5,550, is this 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit a good deal?

Nice Prize or No Dice: 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit

Today Nice price or no dice Dodge is rumored to be a cop car, but as a former homicide detective, he hasn’t suffered all cop car life. Let’s see what that’s worth.

According to the American Kennel Club, Pit Bulls are the breed most found in animal shelters here in the US, as well as most often euthanized. The reasons behind this unhappy situation his husbandifold, but the stats are a sad indictment – not against the Pit Bull breed, but against the people who own it and then get bannedmafia boss them.

I sometimes think of those little used cars that are on there lower region between city and suburbs as the animal shelters of the car world. Now I don’t want to humiliate the plight of our furry friends by such an association, I just feel there are times when we as a society tend to turn away from the more difficult path. Bringing a little-known asset into your life, be it a dog or cat, or an older car being sold by a potentially unscrupulous dealer, can cause you serious problems.

That’s probably the cause of yesterday 1994 Chevy Corvette Coupe to get away with just 73 percent Nice Price profit for its $5,988 asking price. The small Vegas-based dealer who offered the car gave almost no information about it in the ad, and because it was a C4 with an automatic gearbox, it wasn’t exactly the most desirable model in the Corvette’s line. Still, IIt seemed like it should have been more of a slam dunk.

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Tell me, have you ever driven in the back of a police car? Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge, just to learn. If you did, how did that feel? Pretty cramped and uncomfortable I bet. it probably smelled pretty bad in there too.

I’m going to guess that what you really wanted in that moment was to be in front side, to sit behind the wheel. There you could imagine that you were something like the third Blues brother (or sister) and could experience firsthand that police bike, those police tires, the police suspension, and the police shocks.

Well, permanent record, I have a treat for you. This one 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit is presented as a decommissioned police car, but according to the ad, this was not a crawling patrol car, but a regular detective drive. You know, Joe Friday, book them, Danno, that sort of thing.

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While it may not have a traditional black and white livery, the Dodge still looks like a law enforcement vehicle. This is clearly visible in the ordinary steel wheels, high Goodyear tires, and, in the cabin, the institutional trim and the large console box where no once doubt sat a multi-band radio and other police equipment. What you don’t get here is a push rod or an A-pillar floodlight, and I’m a little disappointed with the absence of each.

What you do get is a 370 hp 5.7 liter Hemi V8. That’s good for 395 lb-ft of torque, too, and with the Charger’s W5A480 five-speed automatic, can push the car to a top speed of over 150 miles per hour, making the P. of the carursuit name what faith. As the movie says, you also get a beefed-up suspension, bigger brakes, and a cooling system that can idle all day if that’s your bag.

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The ad claims a clean title and 179,900 on the clock. That salesman says this was an unmarked detective’s car, but goes on to claim that he covered “all the highway miles”. I’m not sure what those detectives found out there on the highway, but whatever. I’m not going to question the Po-Po.

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The tires are said to be new and the car has new plugs that the seller claims inexplicable costs $700 to replace. The bodywork is clean and while the interior is quite spartan, it doesn’t look too worn. Just don’t plan coffee with your donuts as there are no cup holders in the car.

According to the ad, there are no problems with the car, either mechanically or aesthetically, and it is said to have been well maintained during its service with a state police force “in the south.”

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The seller is asking $5,550 for the car, saying the price is “absolutely firm!” What do you think, if the price was a little lower?rm and a little more jiggly? Or, is that? price feels like just the ticket for this former police car?

You decide!

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Craigslistor go here when the ad disappears.

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