AUCTION: 15-Mile 2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme in Viper White!

The Dodge Viper was undoubtedly one of America’s best performance cars. Over a 25-year production run, there were five generations of the V-10-powered Hose before Dodge pulled the plug on the program in 2017. Fast forward 5 years, and the Dodge Viper fan base is as big as it’s ever been.

2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme in Viper White. (Bring a trailer).

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a number of super snakes go for the big bucks across the auction block. This Canadian Gen5 2017 Dodge Viper ACR is equipped with the Extreme Aero package and currently has only 15 original miles on it.

The Gen5 Viper ACR featured a standard front splitter, dive planes, and a 1,776mm wide adjustable two-element rear wing, which was 54% larger (in top area) than the TA (Time Attack) 2.0 and helps to produce 1,101 pounds of downforce at 150 miles per hour ( mph) and 1,533 pounds of downforce at 177 mph top speed.

2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme in Viper White. (Bring a trailer).

The optional Extreme Aero package produced the highest aerodynamic downforce of any production car of the time. During track testing, SRT development engineers experienced unprecedented downforce numbers of 1,200+ pounds at 150 mph and 1,700+ pounds at 177 mph top speed, along with 12% more downforce over base ACR on straights and 21% more downforce during aggressive cornering .

The Extreme Aero package included a massive (1,876mm wide) dual-element adjustable rear wing – which was 62% larger (in top area) than the TA 2.0 model – carbon fiber rear diffuser, unique SRT hood with removable louvers, detachable extension for the front splitter and four dive planes. Specifically designed for airflow around the body of the Viper, the Extreme Aero rear wing sits higher and further back, and features unique end plates and stretcher lip to produce maximum downforce while minimizing straight-line drag. The Extreme Aero package delivered more than three times the downforce of the Viper TA 2.0 package.

2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme in Viper White. (Bring a trailer).

The Viper ACR featured Brembo® Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes for optimum braking performance with unparalleled resistance to brake fade and increased handling from reduced unsprung weight. The system used 15.4-inch two-piece front rotors and 14.2-inch two-piece rear rotors. The front brakes used 6-piston Brembo® calipers, while the rear brakes used 4-piston calipers.

The Dodge Viper ACR also featured bi-adjustable Bilstein racing shocks with an aluminum body, designed specifically for the Viper ACR and working in tandem with the ride height adjustment for optimum control over weight transfer and ride performance. Each shock provided independent 10-way adjustable rebound and compression. The suspension package also offered more than 3 inches of ride height adjustment.

2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme in Viper White. (Bring a trailer).

At the heart of the Viper ACR was the handcrafted, all-aluminium 8.4-liter overhead valve V-10 engine rated at 645 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft. torque – at the time the highest torque of any naturally aspirated sports car engine in the world. Power was sent to the rear wheels through a standard Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission.

Inside the Gen5 ACR, the instrument panel hood, lower instrument panel and door armrest panels of the race-inspired interior were wrapped in unique Alcantara suede. An ACR-exclusive high-grip Alcantara wrapped steering wheel, color racing stripes and unique badging set the ACR apart from other Viper models. High-grip seats also feature Alcantara inserts, while a unique carbon fiber decal was also present on the dashboard.

2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme in Viper White. (Bring a trailer).

The window decal lists the first delivery to O’Connor Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Chilliwack, British Columbia, along with factory colors, options and a total price of CAD$187,585.

The Carfax report shows no accidents or other damage and lists history in British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State, followed by a 2021 entry indicating U.S. exports to Canada.

2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme in Viper White. (Bring a trailer).

The car is untitled as it is registered in a country that does not issue vehicle titles. It is sold on its registration.

To see more pictures of the car or to make an offer, be sure to take a look at the car page.

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