Cadillac Escalade vs Lincoln Navigator vs GMC Yukon Denali

If you know CarWow, you know for sure that the YouTube channel is synonymous with hosting some of the most outrageous Drag Races on the web. This time they had three completely blacked out, big, hefty SUVs across the pond, as they like to call it. The SUVs featured in this showdown were supplied by Clive Sutton, who specialize in importing cars into the UK from various overseas markets.

Lincoln Navigator

The first of these giant SUVs and the one MAT Watson is in is a Lincoln Navigator. This particular example is a 2019 model in Presidential Trim, sold overseas. Under the hood is a modest 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine that produces 450 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque.


I say modest, because the Lincoln has just over half the displacement of the other two contenders here. Power is sent to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic torque converter. The Navigator gives the scale a weight of 6056 pounds.

Cadillac Escalade

Next in line is the rappermobile of the bunch, the good old 2021 Cadillac Escalade. Under the hood of the Caddy is a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower and 457 pounds of torque- foot produces.

It also has AWD traction where the power is sent to the wheels via a 10-speed torque converter. While the power and torque may be less compared to the Navigator, the Cadillac weighs about the same as the Lincoln, weighing 5992 pounds.

GMC Yukon Denali

Last but certainly not least, we have the Escalade’s humble brother in the form of the GMC Yukon Denali, which also has the same 6.2-litre mill under the hood. The power figures are identical to the Caddy, but since the Yukon seen here is not the long-wheelbase version, it weighs a little less and comes in at a featherweight of 5544 pounds.

So, now that we’ve looked at the numbers, the Lincoln’s power and torque advantage will play in its favour, or the Yukon’s good old displacement and lighter weight will prevail. It’s time to put these three hulking SUVs to the test. One last thing, none of these SUVs have launch control.

The standing quarter

With the SUVs lining up for the launch, it was time for GO. On lap one, both the Escalade and Yukon jumped forward, but as the race progressed, the Lincoln slowly started to pull them in and eventually got past them both before coming to the line. So the Navigator takes this one.

Matt felt like he might have jumped, so they turn and go back to try again. Strangely, Matt was caught off guard on this pass, and the Cadillac took the second lap, with the Yukon second and the Lincoln? Stone death last. Apparently, both the Caddy and GMC switched to rear-wheel drive, which clearly made a difference.

I think Mat’s overconfidence got the better of him and on their third and final pass he decided to take things a little more seriously. He didn’t get the Lincoln in two-wheel drive, so they went ahead anyway. The hammer fell and finally the 3.5 V-6 in the Lincoln reigned supreme. So two out of three for the Navigator.

rolling races

Then it was time for the rolling races from 50 mph. The SUVs were in their normal environment. They floor it and the lightest of the trio is the one with the fastest kick-down. The GMC leads the pack, followed by the Cadillac and the Lincoln. However, as speeds increase, both GM cars hit their limiters set at 216 mph in the Escalade and 112 mph in the Yukon, respectively. The Navigator, meanwhile, doesn’t have one. So while Lincoln managed to get ahead, it was the Yukon that won this round.

The guys then kick things up a notch by putting him in sports mode. They hit the accelerator and again, it’s the Yukon and the Escalade leading the way with the Navigator behind them. The GM duo hit their limits again and Lincoln managed to pass them. So it’s a win for the Yukon this time too.

Brake test

Now for the final break test. A full emergency stop from 100 mph. The Caddy took this one with the GMC in second. However, the Lincoln lost it by a huge margin and was easily a few car lengths ahead. Both the Escalade and Navigator weigh about the same, so it looks like the Cadillac has some stomping braking performance.


In the end, while it was great fun seeing these three SUVs make the most of the runway, you have to admit it was pointless. These vehicles were never designed to be sporty in the first place. Their main focus has always been to provide buyers with luxury and effortless performance. But just in case you were curious about which was fastest, well, Carwow has you covered now.

Watch the entire Race in the video below

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