Cadillac InnerSpace Concept is the future of personal luxury cars

Over the decades, automakers have loved building concept vehicles for a variety of purposes. One of these goals is to give a preview of a new car coming to market, or to show customers how to personalize their powertrain. Another purpose is to show off certain designs or technologies that may come with future models. Likewise, automakers can create a concept vehicle to let the world know about their plans and visions.

General engines has made good use of concepts to achieve the above goals. At the most recent SEMA Show, Chevrolet showed several concept vehicles to show how customers can use aftermarket parts to improve the capabilities or appearance of their powertrains. In early 2021, Cadillac unveiled the Celestiq concept to preview a new flagship electric SUV of the same name.

At CES 2021, Cadillac unveiled a new concept vehicle, but not to preview an upcoming market-bound model. Instead, this new concept vehicle represents one of the luxury car brand’s ways of envisioning the future of mobility. In particular, the new Cadillac InnerSpace Concept expands the vision of future personal autonomous luxury mobility.

Fully autonomous luxury concept for two passengers

Via Cadillac

The Cadillac InnerSpace concept is a new electric and autonomous two-passenger luxury concept that focuses entirely on enhancing the passenger experience. It is the third member of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio after the Cadillac Halo PersonalSpace Concept and the Cadillac Halo SocialSpace Concept, both of which were unveiled a year ago at CES 2021.

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Like its siblings, the InnerSpace Concept is a fully autonomous vehicle. This should be equivalent to level 5 autonomy, as it does not require occupant attention during the journey. Because of this fully autonomous capability, the InnerSpace Concept has no steering wheel or pedals. The absence of human input means that everyone inside becomes passengers who just need to chill out while the InnerSpace Concept takes them to their destination.

InnerSpace Concept redefines the luxury experience

Cadillac Halo InnerSpace interior
Via Cadillac

Like its conceptual siblings PersonalSpace and SocialSpace, the Cadillac InnerSpace re-imagines the luxury experience by allowing everyone to fully enjoy the journey without having to worry about how to get to the intended destination (driving). Passengers can enjoy their journey in a lounge-like interior where they can literally sit back and relax or do other things that interest them.

Cadillac plans to deliver more personalized and tailored experiences with the InnerSpace Concept, adding new dimensions to the luxury brand’s signature luxury experience. To achieve this, the concept features AI-driven biometric inputs and interfaces, which are accessed through a huge, immersive and panoramic SMD LED display.

The concept also allows passengers to select different themes (Augmented Reality Engagement, Entertainment and Wellness Recovery) for their ride. Thanks to the Ultifi system, more themes and features from authorized third parties can be added later over the air.

Thanks to the advantages of the Ultium platform, the InnerSpace Concept has a spacious cabin, a wide-profile floor and an extremely low, sports car-like seating position.

Black exterior with expansive panoramic glass roof and sides

Cadillac Halo InnerSpace Exterior
Via Cadillac

Wrapped in a gloss black finish, the InnerSpace is characterized by an expansive, panoramic glass that encompasses not only the roof, but also part of the sides of the body, giving passengers an unobstructed view of the outside world. When passengers need to get in or out, the roof opens together with the doors. The seats swing out to make getting in and out more comfortable.

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To ensure that passengers receive the utmost comfort during a journey, the InnerSpace Concept is equipped with special tires developed by Goodyear for electrified vehicles. Made from soybean oil and silica based on rice husks, these tires feature SoundComfort technology that can reduce the resonance of sound waves in the rubbers, resulting in a quieter ride.

In addition, the InnerSpace Concept uses Goodyear SightLine, Goodyear’s tire intelligence technology that can transmit important information such as pressure, temperature and load.

InnerSpace joins the Cadillac Halo Concept portfolio

Cadillac Halo Concept portfolio
Via Cadillac

The new InnerSpace is the latest member of the Cadillac Halo Concept portfolio of vehicles that imagine moving passengers in a luxurious environment while enhancing their well-being. The portfolio reimagines how passengers can use their time on the road and serves as a space for comfort and tranquility. All Halo Concept vehicles are fully autonomous and equipped with advanced technologies that maintain the feeling of arriving in a Cadillac.

All Halo Concept vehicles are designed for effortless travel with extraordinary resources. They visualize the possibilities made possible by GM’s comprehensive approach to autonomous drive technology, aimed at a world without accidents, emissions and congestion.

The PersonalSpace Concept is intended to move a single passenger, not on the road but in the air. It is essentially an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) personal transport concept that can take the passenger from point A to B without being hindered by road traffic.

On the other hand, the SocialSpace Concept is a spacious autonomous vehicle intended to carry up to six passengers. The SocialSpace Concept, with a boxy and pod-like shape and a glass roof, is equipped with comfortable seats and biometric sensors to allow automatic adjustments of various settings, including ambient noise, light and temperature.

Source: Cadillac

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