Cadillac launches first-ever Escalade-V

Another day, another epic bike going where it shouldn’t – excellent news. We thought the days of the supercharged V8 Cadillac V car were over with the launch of the mighty CT5-V Blackwing. Quite a way for an illustrious line of flagships to bend. But no, it turns out, because here we have the first (and presumably last, given Cadillac’s commitment to an EV future) Escalade-V. Not only is it Cadillac’s first V-series SUV, it’s also claimed to be the industry’s most powerful full-size SUV. The maker calls it nothing less than “an elevation of design, performance and technology and the purest expression of the passion that is at the heart of Cadillac.”

There’s a lot of passion under the hood, that’s for sure. The supercharged 6.2-liter V8 is inherited from the CT5, here with 690 hp at 6,000 rpm and 653 lb ft at 4,400 rpm thanks to a larger 2.65-liter TVS supercharger; even with the weight of a moon to move (standard 2,820kg and 2,906kg for the ESV long wheelbase), Cadillac says 0-60mph is possible in 4.4 seconds. It even sent the Escalade-V down the drag strip, clocking in at 12.74 seconds quarter mile at 110 mph. A ten-speed automatic is standard and both can still tow more than three tons. No top speed for the car has yet been confirmed, presumably because there was no R&D budget for the fuel; the EPA estimated mpg is β€œnot yet available”…

As the V tradition has become and despite appearances, the Escalade is about more than just chaos in a straight line. Below that is a custom version of Cadillac’s fourth-generation magnetic damping, stiffer air springs, revised software, “exclusive Escalade-V suspension hardware” and an electronic limited-slip differential. That lot is all driver-adjustable, with different settings for the suspension, brake pedal feel, steering, drivetrain, engine sound and four-wheel drive. A V mode lowers the car by 20mm for when canyon carving calls. The wheels, in case you were wondering, are 22 inches in diameter and wear 275-piece tires at each corner; there are Brembo calipers in the front, which you would think will do their job of stopping over 6,000 pounds of Cadillac.

No Escalade has been subtle in the 20+ years Caddy has been making them, so it goes without saying that the $150k flagship is making an impact. Unique upgrades to the V include four massive exhausts, a blacked-out mesh grille, red brake calipers, and what could actually be considered a fairly modest body kit. Of course, V badges abound, as well as inside, which should please all three rows of passengers. Just like the 36-speaker (!) audio system, Augmented Reality and Super Cruise assist with driving. Just the thing to give the driver the chance to view the OLED screen with 38 inch dials and “twice the pixel density of a 4K television”.

A whole car so – an Escalade-V looks a bit OTT even by American standards, which is quite an achievement. And dare I say it, just the kind of silliness we’ll miss when supercharged V8s are replaced by batteries and motors. After all, they only give people what they want: “Customers and enthusiasts have been asking for an Escalade-V, and we’re excited to bring this high-performance SUV to market in the year of Cadillac’s 120th anniversary,” Cadillac said. . Caddy Vice President Rory Harvey.

β€œWe don’t use the V-Series designation lightly. The arrival of the 2023 Escalade-V is the culmination of a rigorous development program that will enable this highly anticipated model to meet the criteria and capacity thresholds established by nearly two decades of inspired V-Series performance.” Don’t act like you wouldn’t even want a short drive, no matter how crazy the prospect. The Escalade will go on sale in the US this summer for $149,990. Grab them while they’re hot, folks, they won’t be there forever…

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