2023 Escalade is Cadillac’s past and present, but not the future

Photo: Andy Kalmovitz Cadillac is currently in an interesting position. The company wants one new brand identity, but the most iconic product doesn’t really fit in that new direction. Cadillac has said many times that from now on all of its new vehicles will be electric. That leaves its flagship, the escalatein a weird place. … Read more

Tiger Woods’ car collection is all-American with Buicks and Cadillacs, but there’s room for stunning Lamborghini

As a true American, Tiger Woods has had a garage full of American-made cars. Over the years, the golfing legend has been seen behind the wheel of Cadillacs and Buicks. 13 In the brilliant Tiger Woods car collection But that doesn’t mean Woods, 46, hasn’t been spied driving faster. The five-time Masters champion also owns … Read more

Here are the 10 best Cadillacs ever made

Cadillac has always built luxury cars throughout its history and has the honor of being one of the oldest car brands in America. Cadillac has been bought by General engines all the way back to 1909, and has served as GM’s more premium brand ever since – just as Lexus is to Toyota, or Infiniti … Read more