Ram, Chevy and Ford all have new heavy duty trucks for 2023: what we know

Heavy trucks are small-volume machines that usually don’t get much attention. But not this year. All three major large pickup truck manufacturers are making major improvements to their largest, hardest-working, heavy-duty trucks. While not all specs have been released, these trailing and trailing monsters are getting the biggest upgrades they’ve seen in a long time. … Read more

Evolutionary: How the Ram went from workhorse to luxo truck

Links to breadcrumbs Vintage & Collectibles Pick up trucks The formula that helped Dodge in its early years still works: body-on-frame, eight-cylinder power, plush suspension 2022 Aries 1500 10th Anniversary Edition Photo by Brendan McAleer Article content In the early 1930s, promising young sculptor Avard T. Fairbanks received an emergency call from some Chrysler executives. … Read more

Here’s Why Ram Just Killed His EcoDiesel

Ram trucks and diesel engines have been closely linked since Dodge put the first Cummins diesel in a Ram truck in 1989. But Ram just killed its only remaining internal diesel engine: the turbocharged EcoDiesel V6. Here’s why this efficient, powerful engine has no place in the future of Ram – and how diesel could … Read more

4 Awesome Ram 1500 TRX Alternatives

Ram designed his 1500 TRX to be the king of off-road trucks. This desert racing-inspired supertruck is powered by a supercharged Hellcat V8. But the flagship of the Ram lineup starts at over $74,000. And while it’s loud and fast, it might not even be the most capable off-roader the company makes. Here are four … Read more