Dealers Put High Prices on “Last Call” Commemorative Models!

Let’s face it, the auto industry is in a weird state right now. After dealing with semiconductor shortages and other supply chain shortages for the past two years, there was low dealer inventory for most models, rising interest rates and then you have inflation. In other words, getting the vehicle you want can be one of the hardest times ever.

2023 Dodge Challenger Shakedown. (Hunter Leighton).

But if you’re a Dodge fan, this seems like your last chance to get your hands on a HEMI-powered muscle car for the foreseeable future as the brand looks to embrace electrification for its forward-thinking vehicles.

To help commemorate the end of the current HEMI V8 era, Dodge has introduced a series of “Last Call” limited edition models. So far, the Auburn Hills automaker has released 6 of 7 limited edition models aimed at sending the current Charger and Challenger into the sunset.

2023 Dodge Charger Swinger. (Hunter Leighton).

Instead of allowing customers to go to their local dealer and let the customer own one of the limited edition models, Dodge assigns the cars to its top selling dealers. Prospects are responsible for using the automaker’s new “Horsepower Locator” tool Dodge. com, to find dealers who have been assigned one of these limited edition models and purchase it only through that dealer. In fact, all Charger and Challenger models are assigned to dealers, whether it’s an entry-level V6 or a supercharged HEMI model.

2023 Dodge Charger King Daytona. (Hunter Leighton).

In the past week and a half, several people have reached out to us to say they’ve been contacting dealers about purchasing their allotment of these “last call” commemorative models. And it seems most people have said the same thing. Dealers are asking anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 above MSRP, depending on the model.

Many of those people just gave up on those commemorative models.

2023 Dodge Challenger Swinger. (Hunter Leighton).

Several people we’ve spoken to say they’re not willing to pay that amount of increase for nothing more than a “sticker” package on a standard model. A few potential customers we spoke to said they would look into ordering a 2023 SRT HELLCAT or HELLCAT Redeye Jailbreak car and adjust their order to coincide with commemorative cars and see if they are cheaper.

One person who contacted us said their Michigan dealer told them they were adding $40,000 to their “Black Ghost” allotment. The customer said he could more or less build the car using the Jailbreak program, pay $10,000 over MSRP for that assignment, save $30,000, and use $1,200 for a local vinyl store to put the gator print vinyl on replicating the roof and still had money in his pocket.

2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee. (Hunter Leighton).

For example, Mopar sells most of the stuff you can’t get through the Jailbreak program, like hood pins, white Scat Pack stripe, and fender mounted Challenger script badges, you’d have to replicate the Black Ghost.

Others have said the same about the Scat Pack based models.

2023 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost. (Hunter Leighton).

Factory Reproductions manufactures most wheel offerings in a variety of sizes offered on the Challenger and Charger in a variety of finishes. Some have stated that they could replicate the Shakedown and Swinger models quite easily. The only car that would prove difficult to replicate would be the Super Bee model. Both variants have features from the Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320, such as Adaptive Suspension with Drag Mode.

We saw an ad on cars. com for a New York State dealer who wants double the MSRP on one of their Super Bee Widebody allocations, listing the car at $127,000. FOR A SCAT PACK! listing of a 2023 Dodge Charger Super Bee. (

Nevertheless, it sounds like a lot of people are mad at dealers and won’t spend the extra thousands of dollars on something that could easily be replicated elsewhere in the lineup. It’s cheaper to buy a “last call” model with all equipment at MSRP, but since not many dealers do not have these vehicles at MSRP, you’ll need to pay a little more for a HELLCAT Redeye Jailbreak model to have it all . the necessary equipment for a King Daytona or Black Ghost model.

It will be interesting to see as the year progresses.

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