Dodge Demon Vs. Shelby GT500: which is better?

These American performance heroes prove that the muscle car is not a thing of the past.

When you think of a muscle car, you may be traveling back in time to the era commonly seen as the golden age of the American muscle car, with big engines, big performance and brash, unabashed design. Even today’s muscle cars pay homage to the glory of the greatest muscle cars of the past, but with the modern engineering and performance that manufacturers can muster today, the performance of the muscle car is as good if not more incredible than it was back in the day. past. the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and Dodge Demon are the absolute proof. These two cars offer world-class performance and show the United States as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to excellence in the automotive industry, but which is better? Keep reading to find out.

Dodge Demon vs Ford Mustang GT500 Specs

Both cars pay homage to America’s performance heritage and incorporate incredible engineering for impressive performance. With features on display in this Dodge Demon vs Ford Mustang GT500 comparison, such as carbon fiber wheels, special drag race-ready tires and relentless efforts to reduce weight, there are few cars like these two when it comes to going all out and their monstrous supercharged engines are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how incredible they are.

Ford Mustang GT500 Specifications

Named after and inspired by Carroll Shelby’s Mustang performance, the GT500 name carries weight and represents some of the most outstanding Mustang performance you can get your hands on. In turn, it can compete in terms of performance with cars from around the world that are far above its class in terms of price and brand cachet.

Dodge Demon specs

This ultimate drag racing machine is a relentless powerhouse. If you thought the Dodge Challenger Hellcat was crazy, the Dodge Demon is just plain insane. This car goes to extremes almost unthinkable in the name of performance, which is why even the most insatiable need for speed is met by this monstrous machine.

Dodge Demon vs Ford Mustang GT500 Engine – Winner: Dodge Demon

Both cars feature supercharged V8 engines, with the GT500 based on the GT350 Mustang engine and the Dodge engine based on the famous Hellcat V8. The engine in the Demon is much larger, adding a full liter of displacement to the GT500’s 5.2-litre V8 to 6.2 litres, and with a 2.7-litre supercharger it can make a whopping 840 horsepower. Unfortunately for the Mustang, which still packs a very impressive 760 horses, that makes the Demon the clear winner in this category.

Dodge Demon vs Ford Mustang GT500 Interior – Winner: Ford Mustang GT500

All is not lost for the Mustang, winning in the interior category as a comfortable and even luxurious machine while being a world-class performance machine. The Demon, on the other hand, makes big sacrifices in the interior in the name of performance. While there are incredible numbers on the spec sheet, its low weight and drag race times that you’d miss by blinking an eye are down to the fact that the car only comes with the driver’s seat installed, and while it’s only a dollar cost, the passenger seat , yes, the passenger seat was an option.

Dodge Demon vs Ford Mustang GT500 Performance – Winner: Ford Mustang GT500

The Dodge Demon is nothing short of incredible. It’s banned by the NHRA due to its lack of a roll cage, but it achieved the world’s fastest 0-60 time for a gasoline-powered production car at 2.3 seconds, and it’s the world’s only production car that can do a wheelie, not to mention a quarter-mile time of 9.65 seconds at 140 mph. However, performance is not just about a straight line. World-class test car and driver with straights, corners and elevation changes, and in that situation we’d rather bet on the GT500 with its carbon fiber wheels and intelligent engineering combined with big and capacious American power.

Dodge Demon vs Ford Mustang GT500 Investment – Dodge Demon

When it comes to having a collectible piece and something that will add value to your garage in the future, we think you can count on the Dodge Demon to outperform the Ford Mustang GT500. That’s because the Demon was only made for the year 2018 and only 3,300 copies of the incredible machine exist. With its rarity and broken records to its credit, we give this category to the Demon.

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