Dodge Drive: Bringing together the thrill and adventure of the Dodge Muscle car community

Power, precision and tension. This is what defines the Dodge brand.

Since its first vehicle launch in 1914, Dodge has made a name for itself producing some of the most powerful all-American muscle cars, sports cars, and even trucks. In its history, it contributed some of the heaviest military-spec trucks and ambulances in World War II, with more than 400,000 trucks used for the war effort. Since then, the Dodge line of full-size passenger cars and SUVs has evolved to showcase a sense of contemporary style and personality fit for any era; from the flashy ’50s to the racing track of the ’70s, and all the way to performance-driven ’90s and 2000s. In fact, you could say that adaptability is a key element in how Dodge has remained and has remained one of the icons of the automotive world. .

Today, Dodge has become synonymous with high-performance driving, delivering the kind of power and power that only American muscle cars are known for. Highlights include the Dodge Challenger, the brand’s large sports coupe with a 6.4-litre V8 engine under the hood and an SRT Hellcat variant; and the Dodge Charger four-door sedan with a class-exclusive V8 engine, the SRT Hellcat variant, and the wide body and front view of what muscle cars are made of. Both are reminiscent of the signature Dodge design of the past, yet retain the clean, refined lines of modern styling. Likewise, it has kept the same exciting sports racing personality with the supercharged SRT Hellcat engine.

Suffice it to say that the Dodge owner has been a special kind of enthusiast for generations – someone who is drawn to a car that is no-nonsense, exudes power and ingenuity, yet has an adrenaline-seeking personality. It’s not about the build of a Dodge owner. It’s about the fun and adventure that has lasted over a century and having a close-knit community to share it with.

With that in mind, Auto Nation Group (ANG), the local exclusive distributor for Dodge in the Philippines, proudly launched the first-ever DODGE DRIVE, a collaborative effort for Dodge Philippines that brought together the Dodge Muscle Car Club, the Manila GTR Owners Club, HP Club of the Philippines, and I&I Mods. This opened up the opportunity for the community to officially become acquainted with the Dodge brand and the vision behind it, experience the excitement of a Dodge vehicle first hand, and officially get to know the members of the Dodge Muscle Car Club.

In addition to the iconic vehicles featured that day, Dodge hosted a day of activities that allowed Dodge owners, club members and special guests to take a thrilling ride north from the city. Since owning a Dodge is about appreciating unparalleled performance, the day’s participants stretched the legs of their favorite Dodge cars and drove from the Dodge showroom in Greenhills, San Juan, to the Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort, where a extensive brunch was served. served. The adventure didn’t stop there, as the drive continued to take them to the Sacobia Bridge in Mabalacat, Pampanga. As a touch of novelty and exclusivity, the group was one of the first to experience on the Sacobia Bridge, as it isn’t even open to the public yet. The participants enjoyed an undisturbed scenic view and were the first group to have a special photo shoot at the location.

Dodge Drive was an exclusive event that showcased the lifestyle of muscle and sports car owners. It wasn’t just a fun time though, it was based on the idea that being enthusiastic in this community should also lead the way in promoting responsible car ownership and safe driving habits. An important part of the day was therefore a collaboration with NLEX Corporation, where a special Highway Traffic Safety Course was held, to create awareness for safe driving and the correct use of highways and expressways. This direction is in line with how Dodge defines power and performance as a way to educate and grow a new generation of better owners and better drivers.

This year’s Dodge Drive is just the beginning for Dodge in the Philippines. The legacy and evolution of the brand have consistently highlighted its strength and reliability. Moreover, with the challenges facing the world today, it touches on the responsibility that comes with privilege and how the enthusiasm for adventure can be enhanced when built with a sense of community.

Owning a Dodge is about taking ownership of what it means to be able to make a difference. Since its inception, the Dodge community has built a reputation as a brand that adapts to the changing times, era after era, sharing the spirit of adventure and camaraderie around the world. This is what it means to be part of the Dodge family and it will be for generations to come.

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