Dodge EV: Dodge unveils new Charger EV model. Check design, specifications

American car company Dodge has unveiled its latest car, the Charger EV, which resembles its popular Charger car. The latest version is touted as more powerful and louder than the original, which is expected to be discontinued next year.

On Wednesday, Dodge unveiled its latest version of the Charger at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac. The unveiling coincided with the Dodge Speed ​​Week event in Michigan. The new Charger version is an electric car that is similar in appearance and sound to the gas-powered Charger version. Although the new EV will hit the market in the coming years, the gas version is expected to be discontinued next year.

While the company has been citing the launch of its new EV since the summer of last year, the latest reveal gave consumers a glimpse into what’s developing. The Stellantis brand mentioned that the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT is not just a design exercise. It would be a placeholder for the production model, which was set to launch in 2024.

It is unclear to what extent the unveiled concept corresponds to the actual production. However, a company spokesperson confirmed that the production version closely resembles the one recently unveiled.

While the price of the latest version has not been disclosed, the company has revealed its design and specs. The design and specifications revealed were somewhat similar to the original Dodge Charger.

According to the company, its new EV would revolutionize the EV segment in three main aspects. First, an R-wing at the front serves as an aerodynamic passageway. Secondly, the car has a multi-speed transmission and electromechanical shifting. Finally, the exhaust can reach 126 decibels. Adding an exhaust to an EV is a unique concept that would make the latest version just as loud as the previous Hellcat.

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One of the car’s specs is that an 800V propulsion system gives the EV faster speeds than the previous Hellcat. The car also features standard four-wheel drive and a PowerShot button on the steering wheel to increase the extra power.

Although the new car has adopted its design from the previous version, it has many new elements that give it a unique look. These elements include the aerodynamic shape, the R-wing and the glass roof, just to name a few. Inside the car you will find a 12.3-inch touchscreen, a 16-inch instrument panel and an 8*3-inch HUD (Head-up Display).

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