Dodge is making 2022 and 2023 Challenger Convertibles possible

I’ve heard it a million times and I’m sure the Dodge dealers have too! “Mustangs and Camaros have convertibles, why can’t I get a convertible Challenger?” Now you can. Dodge dealers have worked out a plan to have your brand new 2022 or 2023 Dodge Challenger shipped directly from the Brampton assembly plant to Drop Top Customs. When it is ready, the buyer can collect it from the dealer.

The agreement should make conversion faster and easier with well-known professionals doing the work. Challenger convertibles did exist, but only for a short time. Dodge Challenger convertibles were only offered as production cars for two model years, 1970 and 1971.

“As we accelerate toward our new performance path, Dodge is also having fun on this victory lap by celebrating decades of muscle car prowess,” said Tim Kuniskis, Chief Executive Officer of the Dodge brand – Stellantis. “What better way to commemorate how far we’ve come than by making it easier for Dodge Challenger customers to create a vintage convertible look. We may not customize them, but those who want a convertible Challenger can get one faster, expedited from the factory to Drop Top Customs. Owners can order third-party modifications through our Dodge dealers and pick up their finished convertible from the dealer once the vehicle is complete.

How the convertible conversion process will work

Customers will work closely with Drop Top Customs and their Dodge dealer to order the vehicle to their specifications. The dealer offers an accelerated transport process. In other words, the dealers arrange all shipping and transportation for the vehicle to leave the Brampton factory and be sent to Drop Top Customs.
Other conversions are available, but the car owner must handle all shipping of the car to and from the customizers. Drop Top Customs, located in High Springs, FL, is the oldest convertible coachbuilder in the US. Drop Top Customs will ship the finished convertibles to dealers once the customizations are complete. Orders for 2022 Dodge Challengers are already open. Conversions for 2023 Challengers are also available.

The expedited transport and convertible process is available for Dodge Challenger R/T, R/T Scat Pack and SRT models. It’s pricey. Drop Top Customs convertible option retails for $25,999.

Drop Top Customs Challenger convertible option

  • Precision cut to preserve the legendary lines of the Dodge Challenger
  • Fully hydraulic retractable canvas roof with structural reinforcements
  • Electric quarter windows
  • Lined roof
  • Heated glass rear window
  • Designed in Florida by Jeff Moran of Drop Top Customs

The convertible conversion is not covered by the Dodge warranty

It is important to point out that because all work is done by a third party, the conversion is not covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty that comes with a new Dodge Challenger vehicle. Modifications to Dodge Challenger vehicles performed by Droptop Customs will only be made under the instruction of an authorized Dodge dealer. Buyers are advised to review the warranty information available through Drop Top Customs.

Additional ordering information, including warranty information, is available through Drop Top Customs at

Visit and for complete information on Dodge and the brand’s Never Lift Plan, which provides a 24-month roadmap to Dodge’s future performance.

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