Dodge looks at two-year ‘Never Lift’ plan

Dodge said Monday it will introduce at least one new product or announcement to auto enthusiasts every quarter for the next two years in the run-up to the next generation of muscle cars.

The “Never Lift” campaign includes 16 announcements over 24 months, ranging from large to small, said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis during a pre-recorded virtual presentation. He gave a sense of what some of those upcoming efforts are, including vehicle giveaways, the search for a $150,000 “chief donut officer” and the return of the brand’s Direct Connection program. Other announcements are teased on a calendar of symbols, including Dodge’s electrification logo that likely relates to the plug-in hybrid expected to debut next year.

“Some will be small, but there will also be some that will be game changers,” said Kuniskis from the Conner Center in Detroit. “Today is the first step in redefining the future of American muscle mass.”

Upcoming first is “Operation 25/8,” an eight-week 25-car giveaway in partnership with Inc. Twenty-five athletes, musicians and automotive experts offer muscle car enthusiasts a challenge and a chance to drive away in a new Dodge of their choice. More details will be available on Friday.

Tim Kuniskis, CEO of Dodge, introduces the two-year

The company is also looking for an ambassador to represent Dodge at races, shows and other events. Perks include a Hellcat to drive, a $150,000 salary for one year, Dodge brand equipment, and a chief donut maker business card. The scroll is intended to honor an unsung enthusiast who honors the legacy of the Dodge brothers (John and Horace, who founded the brand in the early 1900s), Kuniskis said. More details will be available on January 12.

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