Everything we know about the Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup

RAM has long battled for supremacy in the American truck market and has regularly dealt blows with Ford and Chevrolet for decades. But you could argue that the Aries 1500 is a bit slow to keep up with the times, similar to many FCA/Stellantis products. Ford’s hybrid F-150 has proven to be a huge success with owners and critics, as has their Lightning EV. GM’s Super Cruise is an acclaimed tour de force in driver-assistance technology, while their Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV are about to close in on their raucous Hummer EV. It seems like everyone is counting on a dizzying array of tech, trying to outdo each other in terms of performance and advancement, while Ram settles for Tesla flattering touchscreens and mild-hybrid Hemis. But no more. Bracing for battle, Ram prepares a new Ram 1500-sized weapon to take on Ford, GM and even the Rivian R1T.

Dubbed the “Ram Revolution,” this new entry aims to prove that Stellantis can make an electric pickup, too. Its existence has been known for quite some time, but details remain shrouded in secrecy. Despite this, Hot cars is here to tell you everything we know and think we know it’s the way forward for the mysterious upcoming Ram Revolution electric pickup.

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The Ram Revolution is the first EV from Ram and one of many from Stellantis

Via: Stellantis

The Ram Revolution will be a bold, clear statement to announce the brand’s entry into the electric pickup arena. It will be entirely new territory for the brand, a far cry from the norm of aging 5.7-litre Hemis and 3.6-litre Pentastars. But this endeavor isn’t the parent company’s first rodeo.

Ram will be able to draw on the expertise and know-how of previous and current FCA and Stellantis projects, including the Jeep Wrangler 4Xe plug-in hybrid, the new Jeep Avenger EV and the current generation Fiat 500e. The former entry has proven its worth in electrifying a utilitarian Stellantis product on American shores, gaining much more respect and being quite more convenient than previous efforts such as the latest US-spec Fiat 500e, which is merely a compliance car. used to be. The last two vehicles show Stellantis’ much more serious view of electrification in a rapidly changing world, where ‘change or die’ seems to be the new way of doing business.

Following in the footsteps of the new Avenger and rebooted 500e, the Revolution will most likely be a thorough reinvention of a Ram 1500, riding on a purpose-built or heavily modified platform, rather than electrifying an existing platform. An all-new platform will allow it to stray a bit further from the F-150 Lightning, having shared a modified platform with its gasser siblings, and bring it more in line with the Rivian R1T and its various electric trucks. GM. Such a move should give Ram more freedom to really develop a well-rounded, laser-focused battery-motor-powertrain combo to deliver performance and capability to rival its peers.

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The Ram Revolution will have menacing styling

Aries Revolution Sketch Backquarters
through Ram Trucks

What is an EV these days without visually declaring to the world that you are an EV?

The Ram Revolution will do just that with perhaps the segment’s most aggressive, cartoonish, and in-your-face style. Official photos beyond mere concept sketches have yet to debut, but if they even remotely evoke the final shape, we can expect a long profile with large, imposing light bars, front and back. Additionally, while it could be just for the concept sketch, it’s also suggested that the side badge will be illuminated. The fenders will be adorned with large, rectangular flares, similar to a Baja prerunner or DTM racer, and expect sharp creases and angles as if stylized with the wing endplate of a Viper ACR.

Overall, the concept sketches definitely scream “electrified Ram TRX,” rather than a stock Ram 1500 Tradesmen, though we do expect base models to debut for work fleets, just as they’ve done for Ford, GM, and Lordstown Motors.

The Ram Revolution will debut very soon

Some might argue that the Aries Revolution is too late for the party. Others may argue that it’s better to arrive sooner rather than later so that a manufacturer has time to study their competition and really develop a vehicle to beat them, not just match them. And it seems that Aries is a big believer in the latter philosophy.

As revealed by a recent upload to their YouTube channel, we can expect to see the Ram Revolution in real life as early as January 5 of next year. Whether it will be a pure concept or a pre-production prototype is unknown, but at least it managed to get to the party. In the video, Ram employees emphasize how much styling mattered in the revolution, suggesting that this product is one of the “greatest” examples of “art”. Design elements are seen in greater detail through close-ups of their clay studio model, hinting at highlights such as massive headlights, high-quality and durable materials, and possibly even side-mounted cameras.

Which of these clues are really the future and which are fantasy is yet to be revealed in the next day or so, but it’s refreshing to see manufacturers pushing for an even bolder take on an ever-expanding segment.

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