Everything you need to know about the 2021 Dodge Durango R/T

cleverness is one of the most popular manufacturers when it comes to high-performance muscle cars that pack a punch. The 2021 Dodge Durango R/T model is nothing surprising new for the brand, as the design and equipment are quite old-fashioned. Still, it has a pretty impressive engine, which not all Durango models have.

What’s more, the SUV is incredibly muscular. It may not offer the biggest and best powertrain, but it can certainly make some noise and lives up to the idea of ​​the bold and muscular American cars being loud and proud that fans love.

Here’s a closer look at the 2021 Dodge Durango R/T and everything there is to know.

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What’s Under the Hood of the 2021 Dodge Durango R/T

What helps the 2021 Dodge Durango R/T model is what’s under the hood. The R/T badge indicates that under the hood is a Hemi V8, a 5.7 liter beast. The powertrain is not the largest on the SUV market. There are those that exceed 7.5 liters. Still, the Durango R/T’s engine is still capable of 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque.

The engine can indeed deliver great performance in combination with the eight-speed automatic transmission. Still, the weight is a bit of a hindrance. The SUV weighs a whopping 5,315 lbs, which definitely slows it down and reduces its ability to get moving.

Other features to know about in the 2021 Dodge Durango R/T that help improve performance abound. Just to name a few, the 2021 R/T model includes adjustable suspension, stiffer brakes, 20-inch wheels, a rear axle with an electronic differential lock, high-capacity engine cooling and even performance steering. All new for the 2021 R/T trim to maximize its performance and not leave it too far behind in the SUV competition.

The pulling power

The Dodge Durango SUVs are popular for their extreme towing capacity. The towing king can tow up to 8,700 lbs with the additional Tow’n’Go package, which is an additional $4,995 on top of the starting price of $52,900.

This price can be easily justified if a customer needs an SUV purely for its towing capacity. Few SUVs on the market can pull this extreme weight.

On the other hand, the extreme weight it can pull allows the SUV to drink up fuel quite quickly. Therefore, the extra few thousand dollars you have to pay for the Tow’n’Go package also means that you will also have to spend a lot more on fuel when using the full payload. Therefore, the pros and cons of the towing options depend on the customer’s budget and towing needs. It can be a great ride for a company that has to tow heavy loads, as the fuel price can easily be met as a return on profit.

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Inside the 2021 Dodge Durango R/T

Because it’s such a huge SUV, it’s important that Dodge equips the Durango R/T with more than the standard five seats. This model can comfortably accommodate six passengers. Inside, customers will find three- and two-row seats. Although access to the last row of seats is not the easiest, there is still room for additional passengers or objects.

With the rear seats up, the trunk space is considerably smaller. But with them down, the trunk space is quite large and ideal for storing and towing bulky items.

In addition, the 2021 model of the Dodge Durango R/T is a lot more luxurious. It mimics the Dodge Challenger quite well, with a more minimal dash. On the dashboard you will find a 10.1-inch wide driver-facing central screen, which features the famous UConnect5, the fifth generation of Dodge’s UConnect software. This offers even clearer graphics and faster response than before. The UConnect system also has drivers to access certain apps and features on their smartphones.

Below the display, customers can enjoy climate control and the button for the driving modes (Snow, Tow, Sport and Track), which come standard with the Tow’n’Go package. Standard versions have the traditional gear lever instead of the climate control, which makes the base models quite simple and bare.

Although the look of the interior is more luxurious, the materials used are not. They are mainly cheap plastics, which doesn’t quite match the price of $52,900.

In summary, there is little to fantasize about for the 2021 Dodge Durango R/T. The towing capacity and engine upgrade for the R/T model compensate for the lack of powertrain and interior upgrades.

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