For $100,000, this 2013 Mr. Norm Dodge Challenger a deal?

Nice Prize or No Dice 2013 Dodge Challenger

You may have never heard of Mr. Heard norm, but today’s Nice price or no dice Challenger lets you pretend you’re best friends. That is, if the six-figure price tag doesn’t sour the relationship.

There’s a worn-out joke that could be applied to yesterday’s 1999 BMW 528i Touring and other cars of its kind. The apropos wry aside that we could use is the old saw: “The operation was a success, but the patient died.” In the case of the otherwise appealing Bimmer, that death came from a rebuilt title. That, as we all know, can negatively affect the value of the car so affected. As an example, coupled with an asking price of $8,500, that title sent yesterday’s car down a No Dice loss of 65 percent.

It’s safe to assume that the 1960s were the heyday of the muscle car era here in America. And it’s arguably no one did more to push muscle cars onto the streets than… Norm Kraus. It was Kraus – or rather, “Mr. Norm” – who opened the Grand Spaulding Dodge dealership with his brother Len in 1963. Norm’s passion for racing and his penchant for marketing led him to establish himself as one of the best-known race car sponsors in the Midwest, and for a time led Grand Spaulding to become one of the largest purveyors of Mopar performance. became in the country.

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Mr. Norm died last year at the advanced age of 87but his legend lives on in this 2013 mr. Standard 50th Anniversary Dodge Challenger. This is one of 100 built in honor of the Grand Spaulding dealer’s opening five decades earlier. The Base Challenger – if you can call it basic – offers a 470 hp 392 Hemi V8 and a five-speed automatic. Attached to it is a Hurst shifter, gold-painted 20-inch Hurst wheels and some Mr. Norm totems added. The latter include embroidery on the backs, Mr. Norm floor mats (respect them and don’t make them muddy), and a special paint and stripe treatment on the outside.

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The upholstery is done by Katskin and features gold stitching. There is a serial plate on the dashboard, but the seller doesn’t bother to tell us where this car is in production. The ad notes that no one has yet bothered to peel the protective plastic off the stereo. All the 50th anniversary accessories appear to have been added by GSS Supercars, a modding shop that also gets its own billing on the Challenger’s hood and flanks.

This isn’t exactly an appearance kit attached to a car with a hair shirt already on. According to the internet, the 50th anniversary cars Mr. Norms/Hotchkis Performance lowering springs and anti-roll bars to improve handling and dangling angle on those BFG coated Hurst alloy wheels. On the “that’s an odd choice” side, it also comes equipped with front LEDs that can color the headlights in all sorts of different colors, including a few that are probably against the law in a number of states.

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According to the ad, the car was in a Tennessee museum before the seller took possession of it. The ad also oddly notes that the car “will become even more valuable” now that “Dodge no longer produces the Challenger”. How so? That’s news to me.

The car comes with a clean title and 20,000 miles on the odometer. According to the seller, one of these sold on the Internet for $143,000, which is a lot of money even for the Internet.

This one is asking $100,000 and the seller claims that price is “reasonable” and says it’s “non-negotiable”. The seller also doesn’t want to be in a rush to sell the Challenger, as they say they “just love to look at it.”

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Well, we can negotiate to our heart’s content, as all our back and forth is purely hypothetical. Hey, let’s do that now.

What do you think of this Mr. Norm 50th Anniversary Challenger and That $100,000 Price Tag? Does that seem like a deal to honor one of the biggest names in Dodge dealerships? Or will that prize make Mr. Norm roll in his grave?

You decide!

Boulder, Colorado, Craigslistor go here when the ad disappears.

H/T to Jerry Cleveland (again!) for hooking up!

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