For $17,000, would you take on this 2012 Ram 1500?

Nice prize or no dice 2012 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi

A standard cabin and a short bed are contemporary Nice price or no dice Ram one of Mopar’s less utilitarian pickups, but also one of the lightest of the bunch. That should help him get the most out of his 5.7 liter Hemi. Let’s see what we think of the price.

There is a certain aesthetic that speaks more volumes than words ever can. If someone shows up at your house with a gun tattoo in mid-recoil embellishments? their face, you can be pretty good sure that they were not the best choice to make balloon animals for kid’s birthday party.

In a similar way, many of you noticed that the wheel and tire combination on yesterday’s 2011 BMW M3 convertible told you all about the current owner, and that story was to stay away. At $22,990, the M3 wasn’t the most expensive on the market, but it had enough red flags to serve as a participant in China’s National Day Parade. Red flags on cars are rarely well, and in the case of the M3, they resulted in a hefty 75 percent No Dice loss.

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The S65 in yesterday’s Bimmer stood out as the largest engine in the M3 line, measured both by displacement and cylinder count. In the automotive world there have been some notable engines; those like the ubiquitous Small Block Chevy and Volkswagen’s staccato-sounding air-cooled flat-four. Not all famous engines are named, some only go by engine size, factory location, or maybe even a combination of those aspects. Ford’s 351C for 351 cubic inches built in Cleveland, Ohio is one such an example. One motorcycle that has gained both fame and name is the Chrysler Hemi. Oover the years that engine has come in a number of different displacements, but the name is not derived from any particular size but shape. That is the semicircular shape of the combustion chamber which: provides more valve area than a standard non-hemi head.

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It’s that Hemi V8, in 5.7 liter displacement, that nourishes the 2012 Ram 1500 Pickup we look at today. As equipped, the Ram dances at 390 horsepower and 407 lb-ft . of torque. Those are some pretty respectable numbers, and with the truck pushing all that through the six-speed automatic to just the rear wheels, it would be a decent nice time. Or, maybe a panic-inducing if you’re not adept at driving an unladen truck with that kind of huevos.

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Other aspects of this 92,000-mile truck that you may or may not like are the standard cab and the short bed. Both make for a less utilitarian package than something more spacious, but it does make for a damn good looking truck with a balanced appearance. That’s enhanced by the paint, which is described as Tequila Sunrise Pearl and is paired with black-coated factory alloys and step rails who settle for the truck a little anti-bling.

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Everything seems to be in great shape with no apparent flaws in that cocktail flavored paint or the wheels. Inside, it’s pretty much the same story, with cloth seats and a rather spartan dashboard. Nothing special stands out here, except for the seats that look like buckets at first glance, but can be converted into a three-seater sofa with just a flick of the armrest.

The ad describes: the interior condition as “as new” and says the truck comes with both the tow option and a soft tonneau for the bed. Other than that, it seems like a pretty basic, if somewhat unassuming truck. The biggest selling points are that Hemi V8 and the cool color it was painted. It should also be noted that the truck carries a clean title

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Today’s question is whether that all adds up to a $17,000 sale. With that question in mind, what is your take on this truck and that $17,000 you are asking? Does that seem like a good deal for a fun color and a Hemi? Or, does the short cab and bed of the truck mean that the price should be just as limited?

You decide!

Winston Salem, North Carolina, Craigslistor go here when the ad disappears.

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