Here’s Why Gotham Garage’s 1962 Season 4 Cadillac Is A Serious Eye-Catcher

One of the cars Gotham Garage acquired after the fancy upgrade and trade deal using a cheated 1957 Chevy Wagon hot rod in Car Masters: Rust to Riches Season 4, was a well-preserved 1962 Cadillac sedan, one of the best Cadillacs ever produced. Despite coming from a salvage yard, the Caddy was in fairly good condition. The interior was gutted, but everything else was well maintained for a 60 year old car.

And the car was appraised at $12,000 by Mark and Shawn when they picked it up after the upgrade-and-trade deal. This also gave them the chance to get a higher profit margin if the build was done well. And they went completely visual with this build. Mark and his Car Masters team transformed the dull-looking Cadillac with Cheetah-printed flames and a vibrant purple hue for the outside.

The interior received a complete custom makeover. Mark also used a cost effective method to lower the car, and it worked great. Caveman aka Micheal Pyle also had a great time converting this eye-catching car into an open top. The investment in this Caddy build was kept in check and it also helped the team convert a healthy profit for the build. This Gotham Garage build was a quick turnaround, but without creative compromises.

A ’62 Cadillac is transformed into a low-slung fashionista-on-wheels on Car Masters: Rust to Riches Season 4.

The Donor Car – A 1962 Cadillac Sedan

Gotham Garage acquired a 1962 Cadillac sedan through their upgrade-and-trade deal, along with a land speed record machine. This car was particularly interesting because it was in quite good condition. The only thing that was missing was the interior which made it easier for the crew to come up with a modified cabin layout.

The body was in good condition and even the original paint was largely intact. The ’62 Cadillacs are known as some of the most beautiful American muscle cars of the time. And the timeless design will still attract attention in 2022! Mark came up with a plan to convert this Caddy into an even wilder eye-catcher and laid out the outline in four strategic adjustments.

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Cutting the roof off and giving it a vibrant paint job

The first major change was to cut off the roof and turn it into a roadster. And who better than Caveman to do this job?! He did well, but Mark wanted to use the cut offs for future projects, and that made Caveman sad because he couldn’t jump and crush on those straights of metal!

After minor body corrections were made, Mark dived into the second major mod – a vibrant paint job. He gave it a two-tone layout with a purple coat of paint with cheetah-printed flames that fused with the white bottom half. All these colors together gave this Caddy a visual appeal that would never go unnoticed on the road!

Fully customized interior with a blurry dashboard

To complement the wild visual appeal of the exterior, Mark and the team gave this ’62 Caddy a fully customized interior with a white upholstered seat. It also got a cool dashboard design with the same cheetah prints on the bottom and a fluffy insert on the top.

All chrome inserts and dials on the dashboard were revived and restored to their former glory. The visual appeal of the interior and exterior matched seamlessly and the top-drop appeal added to the funky appeal.

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Lower this Caddy the Old-School Affordable Way

With the team on a tight budget, Mark devised a brutal method of lowering the ride. He used a burner to heat the lower portion of the suspension springs just above the A-arm. As the spring got warmer, a gentle load was enough to push the spring down. And once the desired ride height is reached, the cooling of the springs would keep it intact.

Obviously, this is not a method that can be used for racetrack cars that rely heavily on handling. But for a show car like this Cadillac, it did the job perfectly. Once the stance was perfect, the team hit on a cool set of 20-inch custom wheels that would complement the “flamable” appeal.

Gotham Garage sold this bold caddy for $24,500

When construction was complete, Shawn brought in a potential buyer named Jenny. She had a soft spot for classic American muscle and custom cars. She loved all the lively accents, including the cheetah-printed flames and the hazy dashboard. After a bit of going back and forth, Jenny agreed to take the Caddy home for $24,500.

This was one of Gotham Garage’s fast-turnover builds and it managed to make a healthy profit. When Mark and Shawn bought the car from the salvage yard, it was valued at $12,000, and the team put in $3,000 in additional work. And so this 1962 Cadillac helped Mark and the Gotham Garage team turn a $9,500 profit.

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