Johnny Carson joked that Elvis Presley gave Cadillacs to everyone – even companions who couldn’t drive

Although Johnny Carson never hosted Elvis Presley the tonight show, the two were supposedly mutual fans. Of course, the King of Late Night sometimes included humorous remarks about the King of Rock and Roll in his monologues. And once, when Presley gave dozens of Cadillacs as gifts, the host joked that he’d checked to see if one of Presley’s many pets had gotten one yet.

Elvis Presley| Archival Photos/Getty Images

Elvis Presley and the gifts from Cadillac

When Presley rose to fame, luxury cars were an important status symbol. And he was very proud of his Cadillacs. Over the years, he reportedly bought hundreds of cars he barely drove, only to later gift them to other people. According to the Guardian, Presley gave away up to 200 Cadillacs before his death in 1977.

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