New Dodge Electric Muscle Car Would Make a ‘Noise You Can’t Imagine’

Dodge is an interesting company that has seemingly gone against the grain from day one. Dodge has been noticeably slow to get into the EV space. While other brands announced they were spending billions on R&D on electric motorcycles, Dodge continued to make billions of horsepower muscle cars named after literal monster. However, unlike the early days of the Dodge Brothers, Stellantis is now at the helm of the Dodge brand, and things are changing. Now comes a new monster electric Dodge muscle car, and supposedly makes a “sound you can’t imagine”.

How will the Dodge EV sound?

Dodge electric muscle car concept teaser | clever thing

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares presented Dodge’s new eclectic muscle car in Amsterdam last week at a strategic planning meeting to discuss the venture into EVs. According to Motor1, before going into details of the brand’s plan to expand into the EV realm, he said this new model will make “a sound you can’t imagine”.

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