Ram has a product that Ford, GM, Rivian and Tesla will not like

This is where undoubtedly the biggest battle in the electric vehicle (EV) race will be played: trucks/pickups.

This segment of electrification is certainly the one whose margins are not as high as luxury electric sedans, but it is the segment where sales volumes will be among the highest. And. sales volumes equal popularity. It is quite possible that the winner of this race is often identified by the masses as The Maker or The Brand of Electric Pickups.

All the protagonists are aware of this. And just like in a car race, they know that whatever company that starts on pole position has the advantage, but that doesn’t guarantee it will cross the finish line first. The race is played on the parts of the track where overtaking is allowed, but can also be won or lost during pit stops where the leaders have an interest in preparing well and managing their pit stops: when should they stop? How long to change the wheels? They will have to calculate everything to try and get to the top of the pits.


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