Ram opens pick-up pipeline to Australia, shortens 1500 and TRX wait times

Reduced wait times for the Ram 1500 are imminent as the Detroit headquarters prepares to send more US pickups to Australia.

Ram Trucks’ global boss has doubled down on the company’s commitment to cutting wait times in Australia for US pickups like the Ram 1500 and Ram TRX.

Depending on the model, the Ram 1500 has wait times that vary locally from three to nine months, while the flagship Ram TRX supercharged high-performance pickup is currently delayed to two years in Australia, despite its over $200,000 price tag.

However, Ram USA is planning an allocation boost for Australia to reduce wait times and maintain sales momentum leading up to the arrival of the Ford F-150 in mid-2023 and the Toyota Tundra in late 2023 or early 2024.

Chevrolet – through General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) – also appears to be ramping up its operations in Australia following the move to a new standalone facility in August 2022, following the recent acquisition of GMSV’s previous manufacturing facility by Ram Trucks Australia.

Ram Trucks Australia has posted record sales for three years in a row – and has tripled production capacity at its local left-to-right vehicle rebuild facility, expanding to three assembly lines under one roof following the takeover of space at the Walkinshaw Automotive Group, formerly owned by Chevrolet.

In an extensive interview with MotivationRam Trucks global boss Mike Koval said the US auto giant remains committed to Australia and is preparing for the upcoming battle with Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota.

“Outside of North America, Australia is our largest and fastest growing market in the world,” said Koval Motivation. “Our relationship with the team in Australia has never been stronger. They have a line all the way to my desk.

“I can assure you that we will do everything we can to help (Ram Trucks Australia) realize the full market potential there.

“I would go so far as to say I guarantee more cars. That’s how strongly I believe in what the team has done in Australia, how much I appreciate the support behind it and the growth of our brand and the region.

“What Ram Trucks Australia has done is inspiring. Other markets are paying attention.”

When asked if Ram USA is concerned about increasing competition from Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota in Australia in the coming years, Mr. Koval: “We have a good feeling about the market. We’re watching it very, very closely. We understand the dynamics. But for now we feel we are in a very good position.”

When asked how long the original DS Ram 1500 “Classic” series would be built alongside the newer DT Ram 1500 series, Mr Koval said: “The bones of that vehicle are still strong, it was a two time Motorcycle trend Truck of the Year. It is still selling well, especially in international markets. So we will continue to build as long as there is demand.”

In terms of reducing wait times for the flagship Ram TRX supercharged performance pickup, Mr. Koval said, “The current wait time in North America for that vehicle is four to six months. Since the launch of that vehicle, dealers have never had any stock. Each car has had a name on it. Each car is pre-ordered.

“We build as many (Ram TRX pickups) as we can. We are at maximum capacity, but we want to help our customers in Australia. We can’t go into specific details, but we want to help Australia and get as many customers into their TRX as quickly as possible.

“There will be some waiting, but we certainly want to shorten the current waiting times.”

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