Richard Hammond has questions about new wrap on the DriveTribe Dodge Charger Hellcat

The DriveTribe YouTube channel offers some of the very best YouTube automotive content out there. Mike Fernie hosts the videos for the most part, but of course James May and Richard Hammond are there and appear regularly and sometimes host the videos themselves, with an odd appearance from Jeremy Clarkson and former ‘Sacked Stig’ Ben Collins.

Recently, Fernie has been fortunate enough to have a Dodge Charger Hellcat on long-term loan and use it as a daily driver for the DriveTribe channel. That got Fernie thinking. He had wanted to change the color of the Charger for a while. Its glossy black meant it was a bit of a nightmare for the camera crews who see themselves and their reflection in the car’s paint.

So Fernie has decided to de clever thing wrapped in a new color that, while it turns out to be no less bright in its Glacier Blue, is less shiny and should make life much easier for the DriveTribe film crew. In addition, this Charger Hellcat will certainly stand out.

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Why the Dodge Charger Hellcat needed a new color?

Fernie told the crew to dodge themselves if they were filming near the Dodge. Do you see what he was doing there? You can see that clearly from the reflections we see in the car and how bright it is. Fernie brought the car to Projex and James the founder says this is the first time a Hellcat has come through the doors of Projex. It’s a big old lump of a car as the two describe it and a very cool and aggressive car. So a lot of turnover will be needed.

James has seen the shawl and thinks the color really comes out. Plus, it’s a big change from the glossy black we see it in right now. Plus, a wrap means it can get off the car before going back to those who lent it to Fernie. We have a black and white segment showing the team wrapping the car in its new color without revealing the new clothes the Hellcat is dressed in. The color is Glacier Blue, but it’s amazing how much it has to come off the car to get it to its new color.

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Showing the new color of Hammond

Finally we get to see the color in all its glory. It may be decisive for some, but the color itself is stunning and it’s a big change from what you’d see on the car from the factory. It really makes the Hellcat’s lines stand out, and it’s great to see a bright color take over from the dark black it was previously sitting in. Fernie then takes the Charger to Hammond at The Smallest Cog to see what he thinks of the car.

Hammond comes out to see the car and well, he certainly didn’t miss the color that was so bright with it. He jokingly says “oh yes Mike, I barely noticed”, describing it as lively. It used to be black, discreet and subtle and now it isn’t. Fernie actually wanted the color to be lilac, which is a mix of the colors on the American flag. Hammond pulls Mickey out of Fernie with a hilarious Scottish accent and does it more when Fernie says no one ever asked for a lilac shawl for the Hellcat.

Getting more attention for the Hellcat

Fernie hopes the car will get even more attention now that he’s in his bright clothes. It’s not very Scottish, as Hammond points out, the country is a bit more reserved than some. Hammond loved the Charger in black because it reminded him of when he was a kid when a black Lamborghini Countach thundered through town. It’s not quite the same for Hammond when it screams. But he has to admit it’s great how it showcased so much of the Charger Hellcat’s design. But it’s not as wild as some wraps the cars can sit in.

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No longer a sparring partner for Hammond’s Jag

Hammond doesn’t really think the Charger is now the sparring partner he originally had for the Jaguar he bought back. His American brother has become his overly flamboyant American aunt, Hammond says. Fernie does jokingly say that Hammond could wrap the Jaguar in Glacier Blue. Hammond also says; How dare Fernie come to The Smallest Cog in a car that’s wrapped up and not painted? But in the end, Hammond admits that he really likes the color and looks great on the Charger. It looks a bit like Hyundai’s performance blue, and the black grilles and vents help the color too.

Source: DriveTribe YouTube Channel

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