Spying on Suzuki Jimny 5-door, Tesla Cybertruck and a $525,000 Cadillac Escalade V: Your morning overview

In addition, British police are concerned about electric cars in their fleet and Elon Musk secretly fathers twins

Through Sam D Smith

July 7, 2022 at 8:33 am

    Spying on Suzuki Jimny 5-door, Tesla Cybertruck and a $525,000 Cadillac Escalade V: Your morning overview

Through Sam D Smith

Good morning and welcome to our daily roundup of car news from around the world, starting with…

British police commissioner says police are running out of power with their electric cars

With lawmakers around the world liberating the future of ICE vehicles, it seems inevitable that everything from delivery drivers to emergency services will have to embrace an electric future. However, a police commissioner in the UK says the electric cars in the fleet are not up to the task as they often run out of battery. “While I fully understand and support climate control, my number one priority is fighting crime,” said Chris Nelson, Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire.

Tesla Cybertruck moves closer to production as it is spotted on a test track

The Tesla Cybertruck is (finally) moving closer to a production reality, with a prototype spotted on a test track at the company’s Fremont factory. The truck can be seen with rear-view mirrors to production specifications and a single wiper. There are also more rounded corners on the body to meet pedestrian safety requirements.

New Suzuki Jimny 5-door prototype spotted in Europe, could get hybrid powertrain

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The highly anticipated five-door Suzuki Jimny has been spotted in Europe. The SUV has an extended wheelbase compared to its three-door counterpart and has additional windows at the rear. The interior hints at a refresh with a larger infotainment screen. Expect the tall Jimny to debut in late 2022 or early 2023, along with a mechanically updated three-door variant that will likely include a hybrid version.

Toyota hits EV tax credit limit, $7,500 stimulus to be phased out in October

According to reports, Toyota has sold its 200,000th PHEV, or EV, meaning the federal tax credit of up to $7,500 will be phased out. This will happen in stages as the full credit will drop to $3,750 and then $1,875 before being phased out altogether. Toyota told CNBC that the process will begin on October 1 and will be completed by October 2023. That means if you’re looking for a bZ4X or Rav4 Prime, you might want to act fast.

This is Hongqi’s new Chinese state limousine, just don’t ask them for details about it

Hongqi may be little known in the West, but for those in China, the brand is typically reserved for dignitaries and those in positions of power. Their latest offering, the N701, has been spotted transporting President Xi on a recent trip to Hong Kong. However, details of the imposing luxury vehicle are typically kept hidden.

The very first Cadillac Escalade V sells at auction for a whopping $525,000

The very first Cadillac Escalade V to ever roll off the production line has just sold for a hefty $525,000. The money raised from the auction will go to the Detroit chapter of Pensole Lewis College. Meanwhile, the buyer of the Escalade is entitled to a pair of custom shoes from shoe designer Dr. D’Wayne Edwards.

Cop stops Ford Mustang driver after their epic drift failure

The fact that no bystanders were injured in the flagging of this video is the only saving grace, as a Mustang driver is immediately embarrassed by his poor drifting skills. Luckily for the owner, the car doesn’t appear to have hit anything hard and probably came out without any damage. Unfortunately for them, a police officer witnessed the whole thing.

What else makes the news

Elon Musk secretly fathered twins

This is reported by Tesla CEO Elon Musk Business Insider having fathered twins with one of his top executives. The twins’ mother is Shivon Zilis, director of operations and special projects for Neuralink, where Musk is co-CEO. The twins were born weeks before Musk’s second child with musician Grimes.

Marriot Hotels hit again by data breach

The hotel chain Marriott International has been hacked by hackers, with more than 20 GB of data, including customer payment information, reported stolen. Speak against The edgea spokesperson said the company was “aware of a threat actor using social engineering to trick an employee at a single Marriott hotel into granting access to the employee’s computer.”

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