Stellantis will update charging and power ahead of the 2024 Ram Revolution EV reveal

Ram will unveil its highly anticipated 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept at the CES show in January. The pickup will be Stellantis’ first large all-electric vehicle in the US. It is also launching a small Fiat 500e and two Jeep BEVs for North America. The debut of the electric muscle car will also take place in 2024. A concept called the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT electric muscle car has already been unveiled. Stellantis has acknowledged that it is lagging behind in electrification, but is now taking huge strides to catch up.

Major green energy program announced

Stellantis, the parent company of Ram, is now working with DTE Energy on a major solar energy project. Upon completion, the investment will add 400 Megawatts of power. This new deal includes 70 Stellantis locations or facilities in Michigan. By 2026, every Stellantis vehicle in Michigan will be assembled using renewable energy.

Earlier this year, Stellantis announced ambitious targets to achieve global carbon neutrality by 2038 as part of its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. It will start cutting CO2 emissions in half by the end of the decade.
With its new participation in MIGreenPower, Stellantis will be able to attribute 100% of its electricity use at 70 locations in Southeastern Michigan (production and non-production) to solar energy by 2026. The switch to solar power will reduce the company’s carbon emissions by 50% in North America and by 30% across all production facilities.

“While this day and this historic agreement is about clean and efficient energy, I would suggest that today is also about the power of partnerships in this new era of sustainable mobility,” said Mark Stewart, COO, Stellantis North America. “Our success – and even our very existence – will depend more and more on how fully we embrace the values ​​of collaboration and partnership as strategic imperatives that help us achieve breakthrough business results. This agreement is an excellent example of how truly great companies like DTE Energy and Stellantis can unleash their passion and expertise to shape a more sustainable world for our customers and our communities.”

“We want to thank Stellantis for being a great partner, for joining MIGreenPower and for supporting the development of new solar energy projects here in Michigan,” said Jerry Norcia, chairman and CEO of DTE Energy. “Investments like this are accelerating our state’s transition to clean energy, creating jobs and strengthening our state’s economy. Adding 400 megawatts of new solar energy for Stellantis will result in a cleaner environment for Michigan families, communities and businesses, and create hundreds of jobs during project construction.

Helping dealers adapt to the EV future

Recently, Stellantis announced that it is working with its dealers to get ready for the future of EVs. Nearly 70 percent of Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and Fiat dealerships have begun assessing what they need to be prepared for the transition to electric cars. Stellantis has said in the past that it wants 50% of its US sales to be from battery electric vehicles by the end of the decade.

What dealers need to achieve

Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and Fiat have a total of more than 2600 dealerships in the US. All dealers must be able to sell and service electric vehicles. That is quite a task, because service departments will have to retrain staff. Salespeople will need to be able to answer all sorts of questions, not just about the vehicle and its performance, but also about the customer’s charging needs. Both sales and service technicians will need to be prepared to deal with ICE and electric vehicles. Ford and GM dealerships are already dealing with these transitions. The training can be expensive and time consuming.

“As we accelerate the push for electrification, Stellantis is in full execution mode with an electrification strategy designed specifically to meet the needs of our dealer network,” said Phil Langley, chief network development, FCA – North America. “We are working closely with our National Dealer Council to develop and support their long-term plans during this industry-changing transition. From operations and inventory management to service centers and employee culture, our goal is to work directly with our dealers to best prepare for, succeed in, and overcome any challenges they may face as the automotive industry continues to move towards electrification.”

The comprehensive evaluations include:

  • Identification of energy requirements, electrical infrastructure changes and necessary utility upgrades
  • Educate dealer personnel on the short and long term operational implications for their business purpose
  • Review of the technological solutions for electric vehicle charging and energy management
  • Calculate charging needs to support different parts of their business and find ideal installation areas for EV charging stations inside and outside the building
  • Discover all the financial incentive programs to help with EV integration costs

A company called Future Energy is helping Stellantis and its dealers make the transition. Future Energy assistance includes:

  • Guidance through the financial aid application process to obtain project funding to offset electric vehicle integration costs
  • Coordinating all construction and logistics to install and activate EV charging stations in the necessary areas of their business
  • Technology solutions and infrastructure to measure and manage energy consumption across their business
  • Staff training related to company operational changes, sales strategies, and maintenance and use of EV hardware
  • Ongoing customer support, including maintenance and warranty programs for integrated infrastructure and hardware

So far, Jeep and Stellantis have put a lot of effort into installing charging stations at popular trailheads to support the growing number of Jeep 4xe models. With fully electric models on the way, the company is taking a huge step towards electrification in the not-too-distant future.

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