For $17,000, would you take on this 2012 Ram 1500?

A standard cabin and a short bed are contemporary Nice price or no dice Ram one of Mopar’s less utilitarian pickups, but also one of the lightest of the bunch. That should help him get the most out of his 5.7 liter Hemi. Let’s see what we think of the price. There is a certain … Read more

2023 Escalade is Cadillac’s past and present, but not the future

Photo: Andy Kalmowitz Cadillac is currently in an interesting position. The company wants a new brand identity, but the most iconic product doesn’t really fit in that new direction. Cadillac has often said that from now on all its new vehicles will be electric. That leaves its flagship, the Escaladein a weird place. The Escalade … Read more

At $26,888, is this 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 SRT-10 a deal?

If you ever wanted to own a Viper, but found that car’s 50/50 weight distribution a little too perfect, today’s is it. Nice price or no dice The SRT-10 Ram with its 56/44 balance might just drive you crazy. Let’s see if it asks price is the same nuts. Speaking of off balance, $43,000 for … Read more