Is This 2007 Dodge Charger R/T For $6,200 A Good Deal?

Today’s seller Nice price or no dice Charger has the original Monroney decal even though they are not the original owner of the car. Let’s see if this Hemi-powered sedan is priced to pass that heirloom to a new owner soon. How valuable can baseball cards be to old-time players who were long considered benchwarmers? … Read more

Dodge’s Last Call Special-Edition Models Start at Over $60,000

Image: cleverness Dodge sent out its beloved Charger and Challenger muscle cars with a bang, slowly revealing Last Call Editions. On Thursday, Dodge also announced prices for those special vehicles. And for those wondering how they’re going to find and get their hands on one, Dodge has also launched a new vehicle-tracking tool. Dodge owners … Read more