2023 Escalade is Cadillac’s past and present, but not the future

Photo: Andy Kalmowitz Cadillac is currently in an interesting position. The company wants a new brand identity, but the most iconic product doesn’t really fit in that new direction. Cadillac has often said that from now on all its new vehicles will be electric. That leaves its flagship, the Escaladein a weird place. The Escalade … Read more

Cadillac’s Have-It-All Escalade is a $151,000 V Series

The 2023 V-Series Escalade on the road. Its strength lies in making long-haul cruises effortlessly. Cadillac photo Font size Sometimes modern technology turns into science fiction. If you had told auto companies in the 1960s that a fully loaded 6,290 pound SUV with brick-like aerodynamics could soar to 100 mph in just 4.3 seconds, they … Read more