Ram has a product that Ford, GM, Rivian and Tesla will not like

This is where undoubtedly the biggest battle in the electric vehicle (EV) race will be played: trucks/pickups. This segment of electrification is certainly the one whose margins are not as high as luxury electric sedans, but it is the segment where sales volumes will be among the highest. And. sales volumes equal popularity. It is … Read more

GM keeps its Tesla killer on track

In the automotive industry, timing is key. Let’s take a look at the timetable that automakers give when they announce a new model. Basically, when do they plan to start production and what date do they expect the first deliveries. This calendar is important to potential customers because it tells them when they will receive … Read more

Tesla Challenger Expands US Sales Operations

The US electric vehicle market is still dominated by Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc. Reportwhich is by far the largest manufacturing and supply company in the world. Tesla produced and delivered more EVs than any other company in the world in the first half of the year, with 563,987 cars produced and 545,884 deliveries. … Read more