The 2009-2010 Dodge Journey had the worst infotainment system design of a car of the 21st century

Some car models are retired for good reason. One such vehicle is the Dodge Journey, which was criticized by car critics and consumers alike upon its introduction. Despite its low retail price, the Journey got a bad reputation for several reasons, including notoriously poor reliability and handling and weak safety features. One of the Journey’s more overlooked shortcomings, however, was its subpar infotainment, which created real safety concerns for the drivers.

A Brief Look Back at the Dodge Journey

2010 Dodge Journey | Getty Images photographed by Jim R. Bounds

If you’re not familiar with the Dodge Journey, this optional third-row SUV was first introduced in 2009. According to, it started at just $20,925, was large and relatively stylish in appearance. It was also far from the best option on the market.

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