The lowest point of the latest information on a smaller Ram Pickup!

Last month, our good friends at the Brazil-based auto site, Auto Segredos (Car Secrets) posted some interesting new information about an upcoming Ram compact pickup called “Project 291”. Since then, the interwebs have spiraled out of control, with false rumors and information about a new “Dakota” truck or mid-range offering.

So we thought we’d go over the details we know, as well as what to expect from the future of smaller Ram pickup offerings.

Latin America –

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In recent years, Ram has further expanded its position in the Latin American (LATAM) market. Originally, the brand offered the Ram 2500 Laramie only as a Heavy Duty agricultural pickup for a number of years, but the brand’s portfolio has expanded depending on the country in the region. Currently there is a large portfolio of pickups and commercial vehicles for Ram in LATAM. However, a majority of the brand’s entire offerings are considered luxury items in the LATAM market.

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Among the pick up offer for Ram in LATAM are…

  • Ram 700 – Sub-compact front-wheel drive (FWD) four-door unibody pickup based on the highly successful Fiat Strada (sold in Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic and Mexico).
  • Ram 1000 – Compact FWD and four-wheel drive (4×4) four-door unibody pickup based on the Fiat Toro (sold in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru and Chile).
  • Ram 1500 (DS) – The fourth generation Ram 1/2-ton is offered in select markets.
  • Ram 1500 (DT) – The fifth-generation Ram 1/2-ton is re-offered in select markets, culminating in the Rebel in Brazil.
  • Ram 2500 (DJ) – The Ram 3/4 ton is offered in most of the LATAM region and has been a staple of the Ram portfolio in LATAM since 2005.
  • Ram 3500 (D2) – Recently launched in Brazil, it is the first time a 1 tonne Ram pickup truck is offered in the LATAM region. It is offered in luxury Laramie and Limited Longhorn configurations.

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Project 291 –

In Brazil, the FIAT brand dominates the pickup market with its Strada and Toro offerings. Ram, on the other hand, is more of a premium offering. It wouldn’t make sense to compete with vehicles like the Strada and Toro with Ram-designed vehicles. So Aries has to come up with a different kind of offer. One complaint from the Toro is the limited box size. Project 291 seems to address this.

While the Toro (Ram 1000) uses the Small-Wide 4×4 architecture, Project 291 will use a stretched version of it, similar to what underlies the all-new Jeep® Commander (H1). This means that the Toro will be slightly wider and longer than the Toro.

Power comes from the small-displacement engines. While Cars Segredos Believes Project 291 will be powered by a 2.0-litre version of the Tigershark engine family, Stellantis has cut back on the Tigershark family in favor of its much more powerful GSE (Global Small Engine), also known as “FireFly” engines . We believe that the 1.3-litre and possibly the new 1.5-litre turbocharged GSE-T4 engines could be under the hood instead. There could also be a diesel option, but Stellantis has expressed interest in moving away from diesel internal combustion engines (ICEs), in favor of electrified offerings.

Project 291 should be similar in size to the 2022 compact Ford Maverick. Ram will benchmark the Maverick for its new Project 291 pickup, as the Maverick will be available on the LATAM market. However, the big rumor that is confusing everyone is that the Project 291 pickup could be imported to the North American market.

We could see Project 291 hit the market sometime in 2023.

A true medium sized ram –

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As for a true mid-sized Aries, Stellantis gave us our best hint of what it plans to bring to the market during the Presentation EV Day 2021. During his part of the presentation, Ralph Gilles, head of Stellantis Design, showed that the upcoming STLA Large architecture would enable the Ram brand to launch a mid-size electric pickup.

Ram has been teasing a midsize pickup truck for the past few years, with their intentions on the Capital Markets Day Event back in 2018. With Ram’s focus on the new electrified Ram 1500 Battery-Electric Vehicle (BV) and Range Electric Paradigm Breaker (REPB) and the number of STLA Large vehicles on the way, we doubt we’ll have a mid-sized pick-up before 2025. up will see.

The possibilities of an STLA Large-based midsized pickup are endless. It would offer something very different from the body-on-frame (BoF) Jeep Gladiator, while offering both BEV and ICE capabilities. It would also enable the mid-size pickup to offer unique packaging such as interior configuration, storage capacity and exterior design.

The STLA Large architecture offers a range of 800 kilometers (500 miles), electric drive modules from 150 kW to 330 kW (EDMs) and a possible three-motor configuration.

Nevertheless, it seems that we will have to keep waiting for a smaller Ram offer. The Chrysler Group is known for being late to the party when it comes to launching new vehicles, but when they make it, they usually don’t disappoint.

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