The Lucra LC470 is the affordable, handcrafted American sports car you’ve never heard of

When it comes to American sports cars, there are plenty of names that immediately come to mind – many from big makers and well-known tents. While Lucra is a bit more obscure, the unique hand-built LC470 is an affordable iteration that can pull its weight on the track or at a local auto show. Where other cars in the category can easily get you just over six figures, the Lucra LC470 can sometimes be had for a much more reasonable price tag, if available.

Despite its affordability, the V8 convertible supercar is incredibly competitive and has specs on par with rivals from Dodge and even Bugatti. Lucra Cars, LLC founder Luke Richards founded the company in 2006 with the goal of combining the performance of American muscle with the agility and lightweight body design of European supercars. Its success is reflected in the LC470, which, despite being a lesser-known car, is one of the best bargains for American-made supercars that money can buy.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lucra LC470, the most affordable hand-built American sports car you’ve never heard of!

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Lucra Motors Inspiration and History

Lucra Cars, LLC began production in February 2006 and began production in 2010. The company did not last long and was sadly dissolved in April 2012. However, during the short time the company was in business, the company worked hard to make founder Luke Richards’ dreams come true. combining American muscle and European design elements in the ultimate ride. Eventually, the company revived with about a dozen employees and continued to work towards these goals with the introduction of a handful of other models.

Born in England, it’s no surprise that Richards is a fan of European supercars and design elements. He particularly admired the nimble agility of the Lotus and took to heart their design motto, the famous quote of Lotus founder Colin Chapman: ‘simplify, then add lightness’. As Lotus shares, “subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere”, improving the overall design by making the car not only go faster, but also stop faster, corner harder, accelerate better and use less fuel. .

After living in America with his mother after his parents’ divorce, Richards found a new love in the high-performance muscle cars. The monstrous power and torque, usually coupled with heavy bodywork to ensure control, caught Richards’ attention, but he saw new potential for reducing the car’s weight while preserving the strength of the Detroit-made muscles. . This fusion concept started the journey that resulted in the Lucra LC470.

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Specifications, price and availability of the Lucra LC470

The Lucra LC470 offers a choice of three available engines – all V8s. Owners can choose from a GM LS3 6.3-liter V8, Mercedes-AMG 6.3-liter V8 or GM LS7 7.0-liter V8. The standard engine is the LS7 and the beastly engine can deliver up to 650 horsepower, is naturally aspirated and features a cold air intake system to improve performance.

The LC470 is able to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in just 2.7 seconds, putting it on par with a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport from the same time frame that can do the sprint in 2.5 seconds. However, unlike a Bugatti (or many of Ferrari’s or McLaren’s other supercar options), the Lucra is drivable without any special training. Despite being one of the first and only supercars to have such easy handling, the Lucra is also more than capable on the track with tight corners and excellent maneuvers in general.

The custom ride is handmade and limited in production. Each of the sixty-three units produced reportedly took about eight weeks to assemble and adjust. Most of the parts used in the creation of the LC470 are also fully adjustable and adaptable to the drivers’ preferences. The shifter is movable to fit comfortably at the driver’s arm’s length, all three pedals are adjustable, and even the front suspension is adjustable. The front shocks also offer five inches of travel.

Despite the Lucra’s incredible custom, hand-assembled and incredibly stylish looks and more than capable specs that put it on a par with some other supercars that can go for over $1 million, the Lucra can be had for a lot less. purchased. Brand new, the rolling chassis of the Lucra LC470 costs just $65,900. Looking at the full car with a carbon fiber body, the ride ends up in a higher price range, but still in the range of about $130,000, which is pretty impressive for a car that’s in the market. The Fast and Furious franchise and on Top Gear US

If there’s a problem with this spectacular car, it’s the difficulty of finding one to buy. There are plenty of posts on social media praising the beauty and style of the car when the rare jewels are out in public, but few offer them for sale. At the time of writing, only one appears to be available online, a 2018 model year is for sale on Hemmings for $150,000. With the phenomenal specs and design of this car, in addition to the extremely limited run, it makes sense that they are highly collectible.

When LC470s become available, they usually don’t last long. Combining the graceful maneuvering skills of European supercars with the powerful torque of American muscle, the Lucra LC470 is hard to find, and the company’s premises are no longer fully functional, but it’s affordable when it’s available. It truly is the hand-built American sports car that many have never heard of, but should definitely have.

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