The most capable vehicle on sale today

If you can afford the fuel bill, the RAM TRX is a luxury supertruck with a surprising aptitude for doing just about anything right. Thanks to a powertrain borrowed from the Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hawk, a custom active suspension and a heavily reinforced frame, the RAM TRX can handle just about anything you can throw at it. During our week testing the RAM TRX, we found it hard to pinpoint this winning formula as the most practical application of the legendary Hellcat drivetrain.


  • Fashion model: 2022 RAM TRX
  • Engine:: SUPERCHARGED 6.2L HEMI V-8
  • Assets: 702 HP
  • Couple: 650 lb-ft
  • Drivetrain: Four wheel drive
  • Transfer: 8-speed automatic

  • Hellcat Heart Packs Mega Power
  • Striking looks
  • High-quality hardware ensures true off-road capability

  • V-8 HEMI Power will cost you at the pumps
  • Hi-tech and luxury cabin lags behind some rivals
  • Comes at a competitive starting price

A proven powertrain with a twist

RAM TRX Hood Scoop Engine badge
Chris Okula

A shot of the RAM TRX Hood Scoop Engine badge

The RAM TRX has a 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine that produces 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. This engine is carried over from the engine in the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, but in the TRX the alternator is placed higher on the engine to improve water fording. The supercharged V8 breathes through a functional hood air intake that feeds cool air into the IHI supercharger. This unique air intake system uses a series of baffles to prevent gravel and other debris from clogging the massive air filter for more reliable off-road performance.


In the TRX, the trusted 8-speed automatic transmission of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is used for a reinforced two-speed transfer case. The RAM TRX is always in four-wheel drive mode and cannot switch to rear-wheel drive like other RAM 1500s. Unlike the Trackhawk, there is no click from the exhaust during hard upshifts, which gives the TRX a more mature look.

The drivetrain in the RAM TRX is the pinnacle of modern American muscle and one of the main reasons the RAM TRX will become a legend. The sounds and sensations of a supercharged V-8 mated to a competently punchy transmission are unparalleled and evoke an emotional response lacking in competitors like the Ford F-150 Raptor that relies on a twin-turbocharged V-6.

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Suspension built for jumps and everyday comfort

RAM TRX Bilstein muffler
Chris Okula

A shot of the heavy duty Bilstein muffler on a RAM TRX

The RAM TRX’s 702-horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 could make most of the headlines. Yet it is Bilstein’s adaptive dampers that take this super truck to the next level. These massive 2.5-inch mufflers feature external reservoirs connected via stainless steel braided lines to keep up with the heat and pressure of high-speed off-road riding. While these dampers can handle the harsh environment of the pavement, they also shine when riding on the road. The Bilsteins absorb bumps and road imperfections with ease, helping to give the TRX a surprisingly plush ride.

These smart dampers constantly adjust to give the driver the best possible response based on the selected driving mode. In Sport mode, the dampers stiffen and work to control body roll. In Baja mode, the other extreme setting for these shocks, they go as soft as possible to soak up bumpers and undulations during higher-speed trail running. In automatic driving mode, the RAM TRX proved to be an extremely comfortable commuter.

While the adjustable Bilstein dampers are impressive, even the TRX’s springs are thrilling. Because the RAM 1500 uses a rear strut instead of leaf springs, they had to push their suppliers to new heights. The springs used by the RAM TRX are some of the largest springs used by a non-commercial vehicle and RAM struggled to find a supplier that could build these springs for this extreme application.

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Unleash your inner four-year-old

2022 RAM TRX Bonnet Scoop
Chris Okuka

A shot of the Hood Scoop on a 2022 RAM TRX

The Ram TRX manages to deliver on the promise of what you thought driving a truck was like when you were only four years old. The same joy and limitless possibilities that drove your playtime with your Tonka trucks lives on and manifests behind the wheel of the RAM TRX. Driving the RAM TRX instantly puts a smile on your face that few vehicles can muster. From the push of the start button and the first turn near you, it’s clear this is something special.

The rumble of the pushrod V-8 from the twin exhausts combines with the faint whine of a supercharged to create a symphony that only an American muscle car can produce. While the sound is familiar, its straight-line performance on the road is enough to put most supercars of the last 20 years to shame.

2022 RAM TRX Flare rear fender
Chris Okula

A photo of the 2022 RAM TRX rear fender flares

Find a straight stretch of road long enough and you’ll find yourself sprinting from 0 to 62 mph in less than 4.0 seconds in a truck capable of jumping jumps and towing 8,100 pounds. The throttle unleashes a heady shriek from the supercharger that is finally drowned out by the thunderous V-8 exhaust note before a quick shift of the 8-speed automatic transmission begins the symphony again. If you can find the space and afford the fuel bill, full-bore acceleration runs in the RAM TRX will become your new favorite expensive hobby.

The RAM TRX has supercar presence levels

2022 RAM TRX Red
Chris Okula via TopSpeed

2022 RAM TRX Red Front Three Quarter View

In addition to the acceleration levels of a supercar, you will find that the TRX has a real presence on the road. In every parking lot, from Home Depot to your local grocery store, people will be amazed and asking questions about your new super truck. While you are at the gas station, a place where RAM TRX owners will spend a lot of time, people will look in amazement at your monster truck for the road.

RAM TRX Front Fender Flare
Chris Okula

A shot of the RAM TRX front fender flare

Wide fender flares, custom front-end styling and additional marker lights make the RAM TRX stand out on the road. The added ride height and large 35-inch tires only add to the RAM TRX’s impressive display of American trucking excellence. This supercar level of road presence only adds to the exhilarating experience of owning one of the most extreme and capable vehicles ever built.

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Power is the ultimate luxury

RAM TRX interior plate
Chris Okula

A shot of the RAM TRX plaque

When I said the TRX is “the most capable vehicle money can buy today,” I meant it. So to sum it up, if you’re looking for one vehicle that can do it all, it’s hard to beat the RAM TRX. The true hallmark of a luxury product is power, and it’s pretty hard to find something on the road remotely as capable as the RAM TRX.

At its core, the RAM is TRX the most luxurious and tech-packed RAM 1500s, which is a good thing, because RAM has a reputation for building some of the nicest truck interiors on the road. Couple this with its class-leading on-road performance and acceleration that could put most supercars to shame, and you’ve got one of the most luxurious gas-powered vehicles ever built.

RAM TRX interior
Chris Okula

2022 RAM TRX interior

The RAM TRX can easily win a stoplight drag race, tow your boat, jump up any curb at your local grocery store, and turn heads everywhere you go. Sure, the RAM TRX doesn’t have inspiring handling and will rival the fuel costs of a superyacht, but these flaws are only part of what makes the TRX a standout truck. As the march toward electrification continues, vehicles like the RAM TRX mark the pinnacle of the gas-powered vehicle era.

In addition to all its great features, the RAM TRX will remain an icon for decades to come. RAM is working on the introduction of an electric truck and competitors are already driving a fleet of hybrids and electric vehicles. The days are numbered for gas-guzzling supertrucks with charge exhausts and supercharger whine and we’re lucky enough to be a part of this pinnacle of gas-powered performance.

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