The Ram 1500 TRX Havoc Edition takes off-roading to a whole new level

The bright yellow Ram TRX is definitely the best banana among super trucks, but its hefty performance comes with a hefty price

The bright yellow TRX stands out everywhere, especially in the snow

Today’s truck market is not what it was when the pickup first became popular. What was once just a worker bee has become a sports vehicle, family car, work truck and even an off-road racer. These trucks come with features found in high-end vehicles to justify their huge price tags. Dodge, the company now best known for their insane Hellcat motor vehicles, has just put the heat on one such truck: the Ram TRX pickup. The TRX is one of the most ridiculous vehicles available to begin with, so adding even more customization – as the brand often does – can make the truck sinister and mean, or in its most recent iteration, dazzling too.


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The TRX Havoc is a full size tonka truck

TRX devastation

The Baja Yellow paint is almost blindingly clear on a truck this size

Last week, Dodge announced a new package for the Ram 1500 TRX – the Havoc Edition. While Dodge is no stranger to appearance packages, the Havoc package makes the already impressive truck stand out from the sea of ​​other pickups with a bright yellow appearance package. The Havoc package adds a limited edition Baja Yellow paint color not available on any other Dodge model, designed to make the TRX stand out even more. The new high-visibility paint job on the 700+ horsepower titan joins the TRX’s already colorful paint range.

TRX devastation

The truck’s huge tires, combined with the yellow paint, look like a pissed-off wasp ready to sting

While the Havoc Edition doesn’t add any extra power under the hood of the grunty TRX, it comes with plenty of visual upgrades in keeping with the Sandblast Edition, Ignition Edition, and other color-based limited run packs. The Havoc Edition adds Baja Yellow paint, Prowler Yellow interior stitching, a commemorative production number plate, and additional exterior decals. On the outside, the Havoc ditches the two-tone color scheme found in just about every paint option for the TRX, and it comes equipped with black wheels as opposed to the gunmetal wheels found on other trim packages.

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The TRX Havoc gets every available interior upgrade

TRX devastation

The yellow Prowler stitching looks perfect with the leather heated seats that come standard on this truck

On the inside, aside from the yellow stitching and Havoc badging, the TRX is the same as any other. Features that come as options on the base model and other packages are standard on the Havoc, which explains why the price tag for the truck is $106,500, as opposed to the entry-level model’s sub-$85,000 sticker. This means it gets options like the carbon fiber interior package, adaptive cruise control, heads-up display, sunroof and heated leather seats, all of which make the truck more usable and sportier for everyday use (if you choose to drive a TRX daily). ). Like all Hellcat-equipped models, the TRX Havoc Edition’s strength isn’t in their luxury or their exterior design—the 702-horsepower supercharged V-8 we’ve come to absolutely love in the truck is still the star.

There is always a buyer for something like the TRX Havoc

trx devastation

The limited edition badges make the Havoc Edition unique from others in the lineup

Overall, the truck is the perfect statement piece – if the statement you’re making is “I’m here, look at me” and you need to haul lumber in the morning and go off road in the afternoon. The price tag, while high, is still pleasing to someone who wants an exclusive version of the TRX that the earlier packages missed out on. Essentially, the Havoc package is for the person who wants the individuality and attention-grabbing persona of a supercar with the capabilities of a truck.

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