The real story behind Dodge

Known for creating the fantastic Challenger and Durango, clever thing is rated as the highest-ranking American car brand on the market today. Dodge sits proudly under the umbrella of Fiat Chrysler, along with Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Maserati. The American mega-corporation is best known for offering powerful muscle cars and continuously staying at the top of the car market with inventive creations and modern designs.

During Dodge’s earlier years, they were best known for helping America on wheels, becoming a household name among consumers across American culture. From a small machine shop to a global empire, Dodge is one of the most successful automotive companies the world has ever seen, and that’s how they got started.

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Dodge was founded by two brothers – and their ideas blew up

Dodge was founded by two brothers, John and Horace Dodge, who were born and raised in Michigan. From an early age, the brothers had an ambitious reputation for quality and excellence in the automotive industry.

In 1902, Henry Ford offered the two Dodge brothers 10% of his growing business in exchange for auto parts for his Ford vehicles. Eight years later (1910), the brothers’ company became one of the largest auto parts companies in the world. The Dodges claimed a significant portion of the production of the all-American first car, known as the Model T. The brothers supplied the legendary Model T with transmissions, engines, and various other parts.

An entire decade flew by during which the brothers’ company supplied parts for Ford, and this deal ended abruptly when they made a joint decision to resign and refused to work with Ford. The reason for this hasty decision is still unknown, but the duo’s love for quality and durability remained – and this is where the global industry started.

In July 1914, the Dodge brothers decided to sell their vehicles under their new Dodge Brothers Company. Fast forward a few months and their very first vehicle, the four-cylinder Dodge model, was born. Given their excellent reputation, the brothers had no problems with sales. Excited automotive enthusiasts were eager to purchase one of Dodge’s creations, with the brand quickly establishing its foundations in durability and reliability.

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Dodge suffered some tragedies and had a new beginning

Five years passed during which the Dodge brothers successfully expanded their business, making 121,000 Dodge engines and amassing sales of $24 million. The Dodge brothers certainly had a tremendous impact on the auto markets, but sadly they died just months after the dreaded flu. Despite this horrific tragedy, their legacy grew even stronger.

A few years after the brother’s death, the heirs of the company sold Dodge to an investment bank, and in 1928 this car industry was bought by Walter Percy Chrysler. This smart purchase allowed Chrysler to grow its size massively and become the third largest automaker in the world. Chrysler was attracted to the company because of the Dodge brother’s beloved reputation and huge customer base. It was 1933 when Dodge adopted the iconic RAM symbol, which ultimately represented reliability and power.

Throughout the 1930s, Dodge continued to provide its dedicated customers with quality and value that other competitors could not match. Business was at an all-time high for Dodge as the growing company became internationally successful. World War II hit and the US relied on Dodge to build parts, airplane engines, and nearly 400,000 trucks to help troops. When the dreaded war was over, the first Dodges, launched in 1946, were in high demand with civilians. The 1950s hit and Dodge’s redesign was a game changer. This new design was extremely daring, with its modern chrome, a flare and a thriving V8 engine. In 1954, Dodge made its way into racing in the Indianapolis 500, and the striking design came crashing down like a storm.

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Dodge continues to provide its customers with spectacular car models

Over the decades, Dodge has released some of the most popular cars the world has ever seen, such as the Charger, Challenger and Coronet, which were packed with power and looked like everything every gearbox dreamed of.

Dodge really has done it all – from muscles to family-friendly vehicles. The giant American company still has a successful reputation for being reliable and powerful, and the Dodge name is a great tribute to the fantastic brothers who founded this great empire.

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