This is how much a 1928 Cadillac Series 341-A costs today

Leading Las Vegas limo company, SEIJI, added a custom 1928 LS3 Cadillac Limousine to its roster. The 1928 LS3 Custom Cadillac Limousine exudes historic grandeur on the outside and the most modern conveniences on the inside. So we’ll be looking at the 1928 Cadillac Series 341-A through this great piece of custom car.

The custom 1928 Cadillac Limousine features hand-polished stainless steel accents, Duesenberg-inspired rotating fog lamps, retractable steps for easy access, a hand-crafted aluminum trunk with built-in cranks, a handcrafted canvas top, and a six-foot glass roof with automatic blinds for privacy.

This Limo features deluxe seating for four passengers, aluminum interior panels with premium leather trim, hand polished stainless steel bar and accessories, an iPad with 4G wireless internet and Sirius XM Satellite radio. There is also an antique crystal decanter from the 1940s to round out the retro vibe.

In addition to the 1928 LS3 Custom Cadillac Limousine, the other fleets of the SEIJI Limousine include the Lincoln 120″ Stretch Limo, Escalade ESV, Lincoln L-Series Sedan and Ford E 350 XLT. The Lincoln Stretch Limos are ideal for large groups, with seating for eight , a handcrafted bar with accents, TV/DVD and a fifth door for easy access from the inside to the outside. The Escalades come standard with seating for seven, a quality Bose 6.1 sound system, a TV/DVD and increased rear storage capacity .

The Lincoln L Series is ideal for smaller groups and individuals, with seating for four, an unusually wide body and a beautiful leather interior. The Ford E 350 XLT is ideal for large groups, with seating for ten passengers, more storage space and chrome wheels.

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The 1928 LS3 Custom Cadillac Limousine: An Automotive Masterpiece for the Elite

The Dunsmuirs’ custom-built aluminum seven-passenger limousine, which took a king’s ransom and took them to tea and other social occasions in British Columbia’s capital, had a colorful life. When World War II broke out, the huge limousine was converted for use as an ambulance. One of the doorposts has been removed to make room for a stretcher.

When the old limousine was returned to the Nanaimo Colliery Company, the Dunsmuir family no longer wanted it. It was given to Percy T. Fallick, the driver. The car ended up with the engine in the back seat on a junkyard in Prince George. The vintage limousine was rescued by a local enthusiast, who had the engine restored.

The car eventually came into the hands of one of Vancouver’s most colorful characters of the 1960s. George Patey, a Vancouver Show Business Executive, rose to prominence after purchasing the stones in the Chicago garage where the St. Valentine’s Day massacre took place.

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The 1928 LS3 Custom Cadillac Limousine resembles the 1926 Cadillac Series 314

Cadillac’s Series 314 model replaced the earlier V-63 model in August 1925. Despite being classified as a 1926 model, it was still upgraded in 1926. In August, when new bodies were released to coincide with the model year 1927, the change was back in the air. The Standard series included a two-passenger type 7000 sports coupe and a five-passenger 7040 sports sedan. The Custom line now includes a Type 7020 convertible coupe and a 1164-B double-hood sports sedan.

According to Cadillac production records, this attractive sports coupe was delivered to Dr. James Paullin, who took possession of it on October 20, 1926. The body color was Duco Adjutant Gray with a Cadillac Cream stripe.

The interior is made of magenta pleated and knotted mohair. In terms of decoration, the instrument panel is a work of art. Located in the center of the dash, it has four semicircular gauges in the center, flanked by a drum speedometer on the left and a Waltham clock on the right. The whole set is embellished with intricate filigrees. The vehicle has only 76,000 miles on the odometer. The engine temperature is monitored by a dog-bone MotoMeter in the radiator cap. This sports coupe design is reminiscent of Cadillac’s original Coupe de Ville, which debuted in 1949.

Looking to the past through the 1928 LS3 Custom Cadillac Limousine and its recent cost

The family of coal baron Robert Dunsmuir restored the 1928 Cadillac Custom Imperial Suburban Limousine, which they bought for $6,904 from Begg Motors in Victoria.

The refurbished limousine has a blue paint job with black fenders and a roof. Royal blue fabric and soft royal blue carpet are used to decorate the interior. This was one of the most opulent cars of the time, with folding rear jump seats for extra passengers, silk sunshades and a curved roll-up partition window and windshield for extra ventilation. The only original part Mackie has yet to find is the Stentor telephone, which passengers used to control the driver. Today, the Limo is valued at $140,000.

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