This is how much a classic Dodge Power Wagon costs today

The clever thing The Power Wagon series of vehicles first hit the showroom in 1946. It started out as an offshoot of the Dodge WC series used for the military when Dodge decided to adapt the vehicle for civilian use. The Dodge Power Wagon is the first known series of medium-duty 4×4 trucks to be mass-produced. It had two main engine options – the 3.8-liter inline-six and 4.1-liter inline-six. A wide variety of cab options were also made available, adding to the vehicle’s high customer appeal. Production of the Dodge Power Wagon continued in North America until 1968, but exported models continued for another decade, ending in 1978. Like other Dodge models, such as the Challenger, the Power Wagon was considered a classic, and today you can expect good examples to yield a pretty good price.

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Classic Dodge Power Wagon prices vary by seller and condition

green Dodge Power Wagon Classic struggles on hill
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When it comes to buying the classic Dodge Power Wagon used today, the price range is wide and varies widely depending on both the seller’s guidelines and the condition their particular Dodge Power Wagon is in.

According to, there are about 100 available and they also claim that 78% of them will sell. The average price of the Power Wagons in the 100 lists in “average” condition is about $72,022. However, if you were to look at Hagerty’s valuation tool, a 1960s model in good condition will have a price tag of about $25,000. So the price varies quite a bit.

However, the lowest sale for a Power Wagon was recorded at about $6,000, while the highest was recorded at $330,000, which was sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction just this year. As mentioned before, fitness is an important factor. Wyoming-based restoration company Legacy Classic Trucks restores vehicles like this one, as a Dodge Power Wagon can cover a wide variety of customer needs.

Jay Leno also pointed out that after working on the Dodge Power Wagons in his garage, the vehicle weighs 8,000 pounds and the metal is so thick that rust rarely builds up and develops. The Power Wagon’s design was a success; as a result, other companies, such as RAM, have incorporated it into their modern vehicles.

Average cost is about $25K

front view of the dark Dodge Power Wagon Classic
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Among other sales over 100 on, the average price appears to be $25,000 as stated on Hagerty.

For example, a seller has a 1978 Dodge Power Wagon in average condition with the front completely rebuilt and new upper and lower ball joints installed. Further tweaks include new rotors, new mile marker hubs and oversized tires with custom rims. The carpet in the interior has also been replaced and fresh paint has been applied throughout the vehicle.

So while the average price would be $25,000 for a Dodge Power Wagon in average condition, this owner has done a significant amount of rebuilding and repairs. Also noteworthy, as Jay Leno noted earlier, this Dodge Power Wagon has virtually no rust.

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A full Restomod Power Wagon can go for about $200,000

Dodge Power Wagon Classic on the road from behind
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That said, when it comes to a full restoration, the price of a used Dodge Power Wagon jumps up considerably. One of these examples comes from RK Motors Charlotte, who did an extensive renovation on their Dodge Power Wagon.

Of course, this particular one had low mileage to begin with, so it wasn’t as worn out. This model has a six-cylinder engine with four speeds. The paint has been redone in a two-stage red and black, although the frame still comes from the factory. This year (January 2022), a 1958 Dodge W300M Power Wagon Custom Pickup sold to a Barrett-Jackson in Arizona for a whopping $33,000. Many of the features that have not been rebuilt or repaired are still intact in their original factory condition, adding to the higher price tag.

$5K gets you parts and pieces

oblique front view of the Dodge Power Wagon Classic
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For a Dodge in poor condition that is missing parts and may or may not be functional, $4,500 is the price for the parts, parts, and what’s left of the chassis. For a cheaper Dodge Power Wagon model that has seen a fair amount of wear and tear, the price is about $4,495.

This example is from Classic Car Deals, which has a 1947 Dodge Custom Power Wagon for sale. This particular Dodge Power Wagon consists of pieces from a 1947 Dodge without rust and from a 1974 Dodge Power Wagon for the bed frame.

Unfortunately, although this vehicle has a bed frame, it lacks a bed, which explains the lower price tag. This particular model showcases more Dodge Power Wagon parts and components than it offers a functional, complete Dodge Power Wagon in solid, roadworthy condition, but at least the price tag is less than $5,000.

The Dodge Power Wagon is without a doubt a special classic truck, and there are still quite a few copies for sale on the market.


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