This is the best feature of the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme

If you’re looking for a beastly animal built entirely in America sports cars, it doesn’t get much better than the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme Edition. This magnificent performance car was originally shown off at SEMA in 2014 as an exciting concept before being unveiled in 2015 for the 2016 model year, priced at a respectable $120,000.

The Viper ACR Extreme certainly lives up to its name and remains one of the most beloved performance cars in American history. Many gearboxes will admit that few automakers have mastered the standard performance specs of a racetrack in a street-legal car, yet clever thing managed to pull it out of the bag with this beautiful creation.

1991 saw the first production of the original Dodge Viper ACR, with the two models that were released receiving massive attention among speed-loving buyers. Since then, a range of improved production line models has been launched, including the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme.

The ACR Extreme really pushed the boundaries (beyond the already mental Viper ACR), with its mega engine and an endless list of extra features that could almost turn it into a track car. The Dodge Viper ACR Extreme remains one of America’s most beloved street-legal motorcycles, and here’s why.

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Best feature of the Viper ACR Extreme is its mighty engine and aero combo

Impressively, the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme Edition produces more downforce than any other engine, complimenting its astonishing performance figures. A beastly 8.4-litre V10 engine sits under the hood, and when we say it’s the size of a storage case, we’re not kidding. With 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, the Dodge ACR Extreme is the manufacturer’s fastest car ever produced – all thanks to its downforce capabilities.

With a top speed of 270 km/h, the Extreme Edition is not afraid to give speed enthusiasts exactly what they want. This massive engine feeds the wide rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission, and a sweet roar can be heard through the Belanger Headers exhaust system. The ACR’s cool downforce feature allows the beast to drift and zoom around a track and tight turns with ease.

This motor is heavily pressed into the ground, creating more speed through an impressive amount of grip. A top speed of 270 km/h is achieved by a detachable front splitter, which adds four dive planes to the front of the car and six removable skin extensions to the rear, all of which incredibly improve straight-line performance.

This monstrous engine, combined with the brutally impressive downforce feature, is enough to make any gearhead salivate, which is why it’s the best feature of the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme.

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Dodge Viper ACR Extreme has a polished interior

We’re happy to admit that the powerful engine and remarkable performance stats are this engine’s main selling point, but that’s not where the great features end. This model has sleek racing stripes and badges in the interior that surround the steering wheel and splash across the dashboard.

Here, drivers and passengers can enjoy viewing the telemetry and quickly switching between the desired music played from any mobile device. Despite being a sports-focused bike, the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme is well equipped. Sports bucket seats are upholstered in luxurious leather, surrounded by white stitching and diamond-patterned inserts.

Matching upholstery and stitching can be seen over the center console, the door panels and the open dashboard. A modern 8.4-inch touchscreen navigation system is the star of the show in the interior, standing proudly in the center of the car’s spacious interior. Automatic climate control, air conditioning and electrically adjustable pedals are all features that the customer acquires when purchasing a Dodge Viper ACR extreme.

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Dodge Viper ACR Extreme Is A Cheap Farm – But It’s Worth Every Penny

When it was released, this Dodge Viper ACR Extreme Edition hit the market for $129,000. And now it’s being sold in the used car space for a lot more insane money! Sure, it would burn a pretty big hole in your pocket, but it’s truly one of a kind. As the fastest Dodge car on the track, it was seen by many as a perfect addition to any car enthusiast’s garage.

With its smoothness on the street, quick pace around the tracks, glorious engine and long list of cool features, it was well worth the hefty price tag. Six years later, the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme has only gone up in price. Now expect to pay around $240,000 for this impressive beast. Car enthusiasts have continued to appreciate the Extreme’s full potential, with its value nearly doubling over the years.

Not only will it provide you with a unique driving experience, but it would also be a valuable collector’s item that will only continue to grow for years to come. It goes without saying that the best feature of the Dodge Viper ACR Extreme is its awesome V10 engine, and the insane aerodynamic parts are the perfect icing on the cake!

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