This is what a sea of ​​rare Plymouth Superbirds and Dodge Charger Daytonas looks like

When stock car racing actually meant stock cars in NASCAR, two muscle car legends rose from the depths of defeat. The Chrysler Society, with Cleverness and Plymouth participation in America’s most popular form of auto racing, was on the receiving end of ford‘s domination. The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, with its pointed front end and massive wing, changed that.

The Plymouth Superbird, based on the Roadrunner, came next. Between the two cars, Chrysler took wins in more than half of the season’s races. The dominance would have continued if the NASCAR rulebook had not changed to put airplane cars at a motoring disadvantage. But that’s not before 503 Dodge Daytonas were made and sold, with the Plymouth Superbird at just over 1,900. That doesn’t make these cars particularly rare, but being winged muscle cars, especially with NASCAR victories behind them, they are highly desirable. They are also a sight to behold in the real world, especially since most of them are mostly barn finds. However, at the 2022 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN) in Rosemont, Illinois, there were literally Superbirds and Daytonas as far as the eye could see.

In this video from YouTuber DezzysSpeedShop, you can see everything from restored daily drivers, to restored competition-level garage queens, to unrestored barn finds. It is perhaps the largest collection of Dodge Charger Daytonas and Plymouth Superbirds to have come together in recent years. If you have a thing for wing muscle cars, this one is for you.

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Most valuable collection of Wing Muscle Cars in one place?

Calculating this can make your head spin, so consider yourself forewarned. Current average prices for the Dodge Charger Daytona hover around $315,000, according to Lowest priced examples only drop to about $165,000 or so. That’s a high price for a 1960s muscle car!

But then again, with only a little over 500 units, the Dodge Daytona ‘wing warrior’ is a rare car. The Plymouth Superbird, on the other hand, is said to have an average price of around $232,000, with the lowest priced at $112,000. However, that is not the norm and prices can be significantly higher.

With a total of 22 wing muscle cars on show (11 of each), you’re looking at an easy $6 million worth of wing muscle car history, all in one place! That said, we’re not sure the “Alaska Highway Superbird,” an unrestored car that drove 5,200 miles on the Alaska Highway without a hitch, will still hold its high value given the journey it took.

Speaking of trips, there’s even a Superbird finished in a psychedelic paint job. It is said to be the only one of its kind, and it still rocks in its original paint. However, it’s hard to usually fool these plaques at auto shows! Fortunately, the providence behind the super-rare, only surviving Dodge Charger Daytona prototype, also on show, is easier to prove.

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Catch the rare ‘Petty Blue’ Superbird

Via Jennings Wing Cars on YouTube

Given the success of the Dodge Charger Daytona, it’s key driver Richard Petty to rejoin Plymouth and race the Superbird to success, it’s fitting that the signature blue that Petty raced is named after him. Plymouth only made 50 copies of the Superbird in ‘Petty Blue’, or Corporate Blue as it was officially known.

This Plymouth Superbird is said to be one of the few surviving examples of factory painted ‘Petty Blue’ cars still in existence. You can tell by looking at the specific code stamped into the fender label to make sure it’s genuine. However, the rich history behind the color means you’ll probably see quite a few repainted Superbirds rocking it.

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The story behind ‘The World’s Only Black Superbird’ will leave you reeling

Black Ice Plymouth Superbird from 1970
via: YouTube @ Jennings Wing Cars

While the plaque for this shiny, all-black Plymouth Superbird proudly states its claim to fame as the only black Superbird, many would say it’s just not true. And they would be right. This particular car left the factory painted yellow. But the original owner had it painted black shortly after. That’s not the only thing in the story either.

The original owner of the car was a rock star in the heavy metal band Black Ice. This Black Ice Superbird was featured in several of the band’s shoots and was notable for its Air Grabber air induction hood. This was not a common modification for the Superbird at the time.

This iconic muscle car was later found abandoned on the streets of LA in 1983 before being sold to its current owner through a police auction. It seems inconceivable that someone would just abandon such a rare muscle car, but there is definitely a super metal story behind it!

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