This is what made the Cadillac Cien Concept Car so special

Two words; 750 hp. Yes, you heard us right. Sure, that’s enough to make any gearhead drool in the mouth. And we come to the massive 7.5-litre V12 engine that produces it in just a minute. First, we have to respect this beauty for all it’s worth. Designed by Simon Cox, the Cadillac Cien concept car was made to celebrate Cadillacs 100th anniversary (“cien” is Spanish for one hundred) and celebrate it. Not only did this vehicle break the boundaries of competing concept cars, it was featured in the 2005 film The Island and the 2014 film Transformers: Age of Extinction.

A blockbuster superstar, this Cadillac also starred in Midnight Club 3 (a popular 2005 game for Xbox and PS2) and Gran Turismo games – the Cien was a real celebrity. Before Cadillac unveiled the spectacular Cien, the American company’s biggest audience seemed to be the older generation, who would most likely buy their very last car. Cadillac’s image needed a serious boost to entice a younger crowd, who would splash on a car at a younger age and hopefully keep buying one after the other. What could Cadillac do to attract these buyers to its showroom? The answer rumbled in a concept car that would leave people speechless, the Cadillac Cien.

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The Cadillac Cien Concept Car made spectators salivate

Cadillac Cien concept car
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To say the Cadillac Cien looks extraordinary is an understatement, and it’s all based on the F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter Jet. If you look closely you can see the electronically controlled air inlets and outlets, which are cleverly integrated into the sides of the body. These slim vents contribute to the cooling system, and you may recognize them from the Lamborghini Murcielago’s vents. Air is drawn in under the two sail panels and directed to the monstrous V12 engine, which produced an astonishing 450 lb/ft of torque.

Cadillac wanted to create not only a luxury vehicle, but one that screamed performance. And what better way than to unleash a 200 km/h beast. A cool blue glass envelops the Cien and was cleverly inspired by sports glasses, giving the Cien a certain high-tech look. Another cool feature of the Cien is the active spoiler that sits proudly on its tail. Not only did this give a certain sporty look to the cien, but it would rise and fall depending on the speed of the vehicle. You may have noticed that the Cadillac Cien has a slightly raised look, thanks to its 19-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels.

Of course, this concept car is equipped with all the technological gadgets you would expect from such an advanced car. Night vision uses thermal imaging to show an elongated view that extends beyond the headlights, all thanks to a heads-up display projected onto the windshield. StabiliTrak is another cool system the Cien uses, which is basically an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. This advanced feature can identify when the driver has lost control of the steering wheel and then applies a combination of engine power and brake pressure to prevent an accident. Other cool features include Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist and Communiport, which allows the driver to control audio, navigation and wireless communication via hands-free voice activation.

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The Cadillac Cien Concept Car has a fresh, modern look

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Open the scissor style door and you will be amazed. The futuristic interior, covered with luxurious carbon fiber, is equipped with even more gadgets. A rear-view camera, a first-class entertainment system and a digital instrument display are just a few. Darkened overlay aluminum accents reflect the technical, clean look of the Cien.

A strong vertical theme can be seen in the interior, surrounding the impressive center console and the modern clock, designed by Bulgari and inspired by their Rettangolo wristwatch.

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The Cadillac Cien Concept Car: Oh, what could have been?

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It’s sad to think that Cadillac will never actually send the Cien into production like how they paraded but didn’t make the Sixteen Concept. It seems that the American company likes to tease its customers by developing exciting concept cars and then releasing a model that has half of its qualities in it. Take a ride in the Cadillac XLR-V, because it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing the Cien and all its special qualities.

To be fair, if Cadillac put the Cien into production, it would certainly be one of the best moves the company has ever made. What more could a driver want? The Cadillac Cien had power, cool features and tons of wow factors. Honestly, if Cadillac were to grace us with a limited run of the Cien, we’re pretty sure selling it wouldn’t be a problem.

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