This large SUV will blow your mind

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Cadillac escalate; this SUV is an absolute monster. The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V Series is a game-changer for General engines. In fact, it poses quite a challenge for just about every SUV on the planet. The V Series does everything right, from full luxury to brutal performance and everything in between. However, all of these promises come at a huge price, both in terms of MSRP and fuel economy. The question is, is the 2023 Cadillac Escalde-V good enough to warrant a $150,000+ price tag? We drove it for a week to find out.

Most important features

  • Supercharged engine
  • Magnetic Ride Control and adaptive Air Ride suspension
  • Brembo 6-piston front brakes
  • Quadruple exhaust vents

  • Trimming: V series
  • Fashion model: Escalade-V
  • Engine/Engine: 6.2-liter supercharged V8
  • PK: 682 at 6,000 rpm
  • Couple: 653 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm
  • powertrain: AWD
  • Transfer: 10-speed automatic

  • Impressive Performance
  • Great and adaptive driving
  • Luxury cabin
  • Nice exhaust note
  • Styling of the V series
  • Plenty of Driver Assist functions
  • AKG Studio Reference sound system with 36 speakers

  • Bad fuel economy
  • High price tag

The 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 is a monster

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V engine
Photo by Bassem Girgis

We have all known and loved the Escalade for almost 23 years. The larger than life SUV has always been a comfortable, luxurious and spacious vehicle that spares no expense. Things are different when you add the “V” decal to the Escalade, and the 6,217-pound SUV becomes almost as fast as the Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo we recently reviewed. This is due to the monstrous 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 engine that sits under its giant hood. This is almost the same engine in the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, but the Escalade has a larger supercharger, 2.7 liters compared to the CT5-V’s 1.7 liters to be exact. We reviewed another V-series vehicle in the 2023 CT4-V, and while it impressed us, this is a whole different ball game. The 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission, tuned specifically for the Escalade-V. Together, the V Series puts out 682 horsepower and 653 lb-ft of torque. The enormous amount of power and torque always goes directly to all four wheels.

The V Series brings serious aggression to the Escalade

In addition to the aggression of the 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 engine, the V Series continues that theme in exterior styling. At the rear you can see openings that seamlessly connect to the quadruple exhaust openings. As you drive forward, the Escalade’s confident stance stands out, with a sporty touch from the red Brembo and Edge Red calipers. The V-series brings exclusive 22-inch wheels, which go very well with the red brake calipers. The front has Cadillac’s beautiful mesh grille, which works extremely well with the thin headlights. This exterior design is a balanced blend of refined elegance and athleticism. It’s not easy to improve on an already beautiful design like the 2022 Escalade Premium we recently reviewed, but the V-Series adds just enough to stand out from the rest of the Escalade lineups.

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You can’t get enough of this interior

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V dashboard
Photo by Bassem Girgis

The 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V has an interior that can easily challenge any SUV on the market. While GM once offered less than ideal material, the V-Series Escalade is certainly not home to all of this material. At the front you have the curved screen, which together measures 38 inches. Cadillac claims this OLED screen has twice the pixel density you’ll find in a 4K resolution TV. The system also offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and while you think every vehicle should have that, most still require cables. The digital gauge cluster is home to more than just the speedometer. You can have it display Augmented Reality, which shows you what’s in front of you.

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V steering wheel
Photo by Bassem Girgis

You can also turn it into night vision. The middle row comes as pilot seats, with a screen for each. This is not to say that the rear passengers get more luxury than the front passengers. Between the driver and passenger is a good-sized refrigerator, which you can switch off and use as your normal center console storage area. The Escalade-V’s cabin has more features than fit into this review. Overall it’s a decent cabin, and warrants no complaints from anyone who rides it.

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The V-series brings driving pleasure

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V rear
Photo by Kareem Girgis

When the ’23 Escalade-V starts, a true beast wakes up. The exhaust is loud, deep and just really beautiful. The only problem is that it is very loud and cannot be silenced. Yes, it’s quieter in Tour mode, much quieter than Sport mode. However, it is not considered silent in any way, shape or form. Sport mode is a lot of fun to drive, from a lowered suspension to pops and pops when decelerating. Going from 0 to 100 km/h in just over four seconds in an SUV as big and heavy as the Escalade is something truly special.

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V engine
Photo by Bassem Girgis

The engine and extremely responsive 10-speed automatic transmission distribute power exceptionally well throughout the rev range. The supercharger provides about 10 psi of boost while revving up to 13,500 rpm. According to GM, this supercharger features four-lobe rotors, which help deliver low-end torque and maintain it throughout the band. Despite the massive 653 lb-ft of torque, we experienced no wheel slip. The power goes to the four-wheel drive system, which distributes it perfectly between the front and rear. This distribution may change based on road conditions and the driver’s throttle ability. In all cases, they continuously send torque to all four wheels. The result is perfect traction and intense launches.

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2023 Cadillac Escalade-V Front Exterior
Photo by Kareem Girgis

In Sport mode, the adaptive suspension tightens and lowers throughout the ride. This makes for a truly unique driving experience, with very little chassis lean or body roll. Quite an experience to be in a 6,200+ pound SUV knocking on the door of a sports car, especially in terms of acceleration. This SUV truly offers the best of both worlds in terms of luxury and performance. In Tour mode, the V Series rides like an average Escalade, on clouds. You might think this whole SUV seems too good to be true? Yes, in a sense it is. The Escalade-V is, as you might imagine, a gas guzzler. We averaged 12 mpg once we started to behave, this includes a lot of highway driving with cruise control. The second problem is the over $150,000 price tag. That leaves us with one question: Is the 2023 Cadillac Escalade V Series worth all that hyper?

The Escalade-V is every enthusiast’s dream come true

2023 Cadillac Escalade-V rear exterior
Photo by Kareem Girgis

We live in a time when combustion engines are becoming a rarity. Enthusiasts love the instantaneous torque of electric motors, but the deep roar of big V8s is dying out. Well, the 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V is a statement. This is a very expensive SUV, but it leaves SUVs like the Lexus LX 600 in the dust. The reality is that the Escalade-V can’t go off-road like the Lexus, but no other SUV gives you such an exhilarating feeling as this V-series. As for the price tag, it’s quite expensive, but it’s a limited car, and we know it’s probably a farewell to a generation of internal combustion engines that will never come back. This simply means that the Escalade-V is worth every penny. If you thought you’ve seen it all, wait until you control this monster.

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