We found this amazing car in the collection of Wiz Khalifa

Chances are you already know very well who Wiz Khalifa is. In fact, most of the world does as this American rapper, singer and songwriter achieved worldwide popularity with his music. The beautiful single “See You Again” with Charlie Puth has traveled all over the world.

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, known onstage as Wiz Khalifa, released his first album in 2006 when he signed with Warner Bros. Other albums and many songs followed in the years that followed, taking audiences by storm. So today, Wiz Khalifa has a net worth of an astonishing $60 million at the age of 34.

What do they do with millions of income? Well, if that person likes cars, of course he or she makes a large collection of beautiful drives. That’s exactly what Wiz Khalifa did with his money. The garage of this famous rapper has exciting nameplates, such as Pontiac Bonneville and Cadillac Escalade. Apparently he’s also a big Chevy fan, having bought the Chevelle, El Camino SS, and Monte Carlo SS (although we’re surprised the Mustang isn’t on the list).

There is also a (relatively) inexpensive but absolutely unique and iconic car that we found in Wiz Khalifa’s impressive collection: the Dodge Challenger SRT-8. Why did the rapper choose this car? What makes it special? Read on to find out.

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The Dodge Challenger SRT-8: Probably Wiz Khalifa’s Favorite Ride

If we dare say, based on the car names we mentioned above, it’s more about the sentiment than the power for Wiz Khalifa. If you look closely at his collection, there are still not many breathtaking sports cars in his garage that famous people in general like to brag about. We do not believe that money has anything to do with it, as Khalifa has it in abundance.

Long story short, we think Wiz Khalifa has a soft spot for muscle cars, and it’s perhaps most evident in his love for the Dodge Challenger SRT-8. In the 2012 issue of Complex magazine, Wiz Khalifa said the Challenger was actually the first thing he bought when he got rich. It cost him about $40,000, and Khalifa even extended the payments to build the credit. Back then, he was still driving around town, and we have no reason to believe it’s any different today.

Because Khalifa likes to incorporate cars into his songs, the Challenger appeared in the song “Black And Yellow” which was viewed 329 million times. Of course it was painted in those two colors. Khalifa must have loved the ride so much that he bought the second Dodge Challenger SRT-8 soon enough. This time the ride was all black, but it soon took on some exciting yellow accents, again matching the song description. RELATED: 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 First Edition With Only 17K Miles On Sale

What Makes the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 One Rapper’s Dream?

According to the information we have, Wiz Khalifa got two Dodge Challenger SRT-8 units in two consecutive production years – 2011 and 2012. Whatever production year it may be, both SRT-8 models brought Khalifa the famous Hemi V8 engines ( hence the name). The so-called 392 version of the SRT-8 in 2011 had a power of no less than 470 hp. According to Dodge, it could go from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds and reach a top speed of over 170 mph. We are not surprised that Khalifa wanted it for himself.

The 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 kept this engine and specs, but also got a lot of updates, so it’s no wonder Wiz Khalifa bought it soon after the first. Namely, the younger SRT-8 has a two-mode adaptive suspension system with two new driving modes, along with a variety of performance-tracking sensors, new seats, and some other extras.

Now the Challenger SRT-8 is without a doubt a powerful and high-performing car. But we still believe that the whole experience was more important to Wiz Khalifa than just power. Simply put, the SRT-8 is an edgy muscle car that somehow pleases the rapper who likes to sing the streets. It’s big and heavy, it’s true, but in this case, the Challenger’s downsides aren’t really that negative.

Seeing Wiz Khalifa in his yellow Challenger (and for the polished black one), we were convinced that the rapper is having a lot of fun cruising the streets with it. Ultimately, that’s what the Challenger SRT-8 does best with its large body and powerful specs. Add to that the spacious interior and you can easily imagine how much the favorite American rapper enjoys his Challenger SRT-8 (or both).

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