When Dodge announces the winners of 25 Dodge Challengers or Chargers

Dodge has released a new schedule stating when we’ll see major updates from the automaker. A date that hundreds of thousands of performance enthusiasts have been waiting for is the date when Dodge will announce the winners of 25 different performance cars as part of Dodge’s Operation 25//8 competition. Prize cars include the popular Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT models.

Control 25//8

Dodge will announce the 25 lucky winners of Operation 25//8 on January 31. Dodge has held an eight-week competition inviting fans to convince the 25 ambassadors why they deserve to win a performance car. Ambassadors include the likes of Jay Leno, Travis Barker, Imaray Ulloa, SuperCar Blondie and Amazon. Each of the 25 picks the person they think deserves to win a Dodge Challenger, Charger, or Durango of their choice. The title 25//8 refers to the person’s love for Dodge and achievement. The winners will go beyond being committed 24/7, they will live, eat and breathe Dodge 25//8.

Chief Donut Maker or Dodge Brand Ambassador

Dodge will announce full details on how fans can “apply” for the role of Dodge “Chief Donut Maker” on January 20, 2022. Benefits of the unique position of Brand Ambassador include a salary of $150,000, a Dodge wardrobe, Chief Donut Maker business cards and the choice of a high-quality Dodge vehicle for use as a “company vehicle.” The Chief Donut Maker position and the 25//8 contest were both announced as part of Dodge’s two-year “Never Lift” campaign. Dodge has a whole list of announcements about the future of Dodge and its achievements.

Direct connection performance parts

Dodge also announced significant dates in its plans to launch new factory-backed Direct Connection performance products and establish specialized Dodge Power Brokers dealers.

The Direct Connection parts will be available for purchase online from March 9, 2022 through a new Direct Connection eStore. Dodge fans can also purchase a printed version of the new Direct Connection performance parts catalog. The Direct Connection portfolio includes more than 200 parts, including new podium kits and performance products for the Dodge Challenger and new race-ready kits for the Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak. The Dodge head says fans are clamoring for information about the new high-performance parts that can turn their vehicles into racing beasts.

“It’s a new year and Dodge doesn’t let go of a moment,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge Brand Chief Executive Officer – Stellantis. “The Direct Connection Tech Line is bursting with questions about Stage Kit compatibility and timing, so we’ve included a grid to help answer many of those questions. There’s a lot more to come from the Never Lift plan – stay tuned at DodgeGarage .com.”

Dodge Power Brokers

The new Dodge Power Brokers dealer network will be the exclusive source for all new Direct Connection performance parts. It will officially open on March 9, 2022. Dodge is also expected to announce on that date which dealers across the country have qualified to be considered one of the Power Brokers dealers. The specialized Dodge Power Brokers dealers will have trained personnel to provide performance-oriented customer service.

Certified Dodge Power Brokers dealer personnel will meet established standards of extensive knowledge and expertise in areas such as Dodge vehicle features and quality parts and installation. Dodge Power Brokers dealer training is currently underway. One of the keys is that the Power Brokers dealers only install parts that are street legal in that state. All Direct Connection parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty as long as they are installed by Power Brokers trained personnel.

For more information about the Dodge Never Lift campaign, visit Dodge.com or DodgeGarage.com. The Dodge 24 Months of Muscle calendar can be viewed at Dodgegarage.com/never-lift. Stay tuned to learn more about the Chief Donut Maker application process.

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